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    My SHPE Story feat. Aileen Tapia


    Aileen Tapia is a daughter, a sister and a nieta. She is a first-gen industrial engineer and currently serves as a Strategy & Management Consultant @ Accenture. We spoke during the first Virtual SHPE 2020 Convention in October. She told us her story breaking into the industry and gave us an intimate look and the challenges she has faced and how she overcomes them every day. You can learn more about Aileen via her LinkedIn This episode is brought to you by Triplebyte, the best way for Software Engineers to find their next opportunity. --- Send in a voice message:
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    Remote Work and building a career in HR feat. Jose Paz Castro from Microsoft


    Are you feeling stressed out because of remote work? Do you feel there is a blur between your personal life and work life? Is it hard for you to close your laptop at the end of the day? Don’t worry, you are not the only oneIn this episode I spoke with Jose Paz Castro, an HR professional and Sr. Manager with Microsoft. We spoke about working remote and strategies that have helped us stay sane and healthy during the current situation. Jose also shared with us his story and how he broke into tech and some great advice for professionals doing soul searching and wanting to break into HR. You can listen to Jose’s episode wherever you get your podcastsIf you’d like me to post the video version of this episode on YouTube comment below with a 📷#HR #remotework #remotelyworking #hardwork #hardlyworking  #microsoft #latinxintech   —–This episode is brought to you by Lunchclub. Lunchclub is the best way to connect and network via video meetings with other professionals. All from the comfort of your home. You can sign up by following my referral code : --- Send in a voice message:
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  • Latinos Who Tech podcast

    Career Coaching for Tech Professionals feat. Cristina Costa, Outco Inc


    Cristina Costa is a learning and development professional and career coach focused on humanizing tech. She hails from Boston, Mass and has been part of organizations like Drift, HubSpot and Women With Purpose. We had a very enriching conversation about the human side of tech. She told us her story and how networking helped her break into the industry, how she builds authentic connections with professionals and dispelled  a few myths about career coaching. Cristina currently serves as a Career Program Manager with Outco Inc, a coaching and skill sharpening service for software engineers. Since 2016, Outco has helped more than 1,600+ software engineers land jobs at top companies such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Amazon. Learn more about Outco by going to  --- Send in a voice message:
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    Getting Ish Done: Making time for all the things that matter feat. Ish Verduzco


    Getting Ish Done: Making time for all the things that matter  @ishverduzco is one of the hardest working people I know. Wether he is at his day job as Director of Growth & Marketing for @craveitsf , DJing, podcasting, writing or doing community outreach via webinars or social media. He likes to keep busy and it shows. But, how does he manage all of this? He has a system. He is very particular on how he manages his time and most importantly his energy and attention. He even wrote a book about it called “How Successful People Get Ish Done”. On it he synthesized 900+ hours of research on productivity, mentorship, career development with a focus on making the content accesible to underrepresented groups. You can find it in @amazon and his website ishverduzco.comYou can watch the full conversation on YouTube or listen to it on any podcast platform —- You’ve often heard me talk about SHPE and how it’s helped me become the professional I am today. I am happy to announce that this episode is brought to you by @shpenational.  If you are looking for your dream job or internship, the SHPE National Convention happening October 26th-31st is the easiest way to land your next opportunity.  Join thousands of professionals on this virtual gathering offering cutting-edge content and workshops, and a best-in-class career fair. The event includes:🚀250+ world class companies and universities actively recruiting 📣More than 200 live and on-demand sessions that will be recorded and available for a full year after the convention👩🏽‍💻Unparalleled opportunities to network with other Hispanics in STEM👨🏽‍💼Resume reviews, special events, competitions, and more#latinx #latinosintech #podcasting #UCMerced #CraveitSF --- Send in a voice message:
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    Delivering Great Virtual Presentations feat. Zoraida Martinez, Programmer Analyst @ Foster Farms


    Do you remember the last time you had to give a presentation for work? Do you think you could have done a better job? No worries, you are not alone. Public speaking is not easy and in our current reality even less so. Not only do we have to overcome issues like bad wi-fi or unexpected household noises, but we also need to talk to the camera naturally while still delivering our message. It’s exhausting. Nevertheless, there are lots of resources to help you become a better speaker and virtual presenter. One of them is Toastmasters. A global organization with the mission to help individuals improve their communication and leadership skills. My friend Zoraida Martinez has been a Toastmasters member and club officer for years and spoke to us about how it has helped her as well as her process to deliver memorable virtual presentations. All the way from crafting a compelling story to practicing a great call to action. Learn more about Toastmasters and find a virtual club to join: If you are in the job market you can register for the upcoming SHPE Convention where +250 companies will be recruiting: --- Send in a voice message:
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    The Future of Higher Education feat. Vanessa Diaz, PhD


    Latinos Who Tech is back! After a couple months of hiatus I want to welcome you back to our newest season. We have 10 episodes ready for you exploring the intersection of Latinos, Technology and Authenticity. Fall 2020 is going to be an interesting time for higher education to say the least. In this new episode of Latinos Who Tech I spoke with Vanessa Diaz, PhD about the challenges of teaching classes on a virtual manner, life and college skills for first-generation students and her take on the future of higher education. Professor Diaz is a Research Assistant Professor at Virginia Tech. Her areas of study include bilingualism, theory of mind and language development. She also makes a mean sourdough. You can follow her on Twitter @vdiaz_psy and check out her research on —- Follow us on instagram @ LatinosWhoTech Also, feel free to email me your questions at hello Or sign up to our newsletter at —- Check out or sponsors: : Platzi is an online learning platform for the new economy. The easiest way to learn how to validate, launch and grow your startup.Learn from Y-Combinator alumni and tech professionals on subjects such as VC funding, programming, UX design and more. : If you want to catch up on your audiobooks you can subscribe for a 30-day trial of audible using my code “latinos” AND claim a free audiobook. #GoHokies #VATech #HigherEd --- Send in a voice message:
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    Building a Career as a Salesforce Consultant: Sebastián Anaya


    In this episode, we spoke about how he got started in the field and ways to level up via certifications and mentorship. Hear about LatinX in AI and what they want to accomplish. Learn how he keeps up to date with technology and his advice for all those professionals who want to break into data analytics, consulting, or Salesforce. --- Send in a voice message:
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    How to Bounce Back After a COVID-19 Layoff: Karin Ulloa, Project Analyst for Human Resources at Amazon


    I spoke over Zoom with my friend Karin Ulloa, a project analyst for Human Resources at Amazon, to get her take on the current situation. We talked about what it’s like to work at Amazon during Covid-19, how to build relationships with recruiters using LinkedIn, how to get referrals from Amazon employees, and how to navigate a layoff if you find yourself facing one. --- Send in a voice message:
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    Understanding Customer Success in Saas: Javier Cortavitarte, Customer Adoption Manager at Broadcom Inc.


    Javier is a customer success manager who ensures his customers achieve the best experience possible in order to get their multi-feedback on a product. He leverages the people he works with to provide a suitable solution within the needed timeframe. Customer success is focused on the relationship between the manager and customer to align client and vendor goals for mutually beneficial outcomes. We spoke about how Javier got into the tech world, what he does now, and insights into what is customer success. We talk about the importance of a good relationship with his customers and the challenges he has getting his job done every day. Learn how he scales solutions and what has made him feel very proud during his whole journey. Hear about ideal skills for those who want to start a career in customer success. --- Send in a voice message:
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    Helping Millennials Tackle Student Debt: Pamela Martinez, Co-Founder and CTO at Snowball Wealth


    About Pamela Martinez Pamela Martinez, is a Mexican-American with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science at Snowball Wealth. She is a first-generation college graduate. Pamela started her professional career right out of college as a Program Manager at Microsoft and was involved in the launch of Xbox One. In search of building things and other missions, Pamela left the corporate world and began her start-up journey. First, she worked at Clever, then Seesaw Learning, and finally at Snowball Wealth, a start-up company she founded with two co-workers. Snowball Wealth offers tools and different options to help people not overpay on their student debt so they can have financial freedom and stability. About The Episode Pam combines her expertise at large companies like Microsoft with first-hand knowledge of the challenges first-generation students face. This includes getting your first full-time job, repaying student  loans and building wealth. Learn about her day to day at Snowball, financial literacy and the challenges that millennials face when tackling student debt.  We spoke about how she got to San Francisco, her time as a Program Manager at Microsoft, and her transition from the corporate world to start-ups. We also talked about Snowball Wealth, her experience being a CTO, problems she wants to solve, and about what happens when one is no longer a user. Finally, we covered advice for those who want to jump from the corporate world to a start-up, how to handle impostor syndrome, and what she does to keep up to date with tech. This episode was recorded before the Covid-19 outbreak, so we didn’t touch on it on the conversation. However, here are some resources curated by the Snowball Wealth team. We hope they help you navigate your finances during these difficult times: Connect with Pamela via linkedin: * Pamela Martinez Want to help us grow? You can: * Leave us an iTunes review* Send us a note with your thoughts to [email protected]* Share it with a friend Mentioned resources: * Stanford University* Clever Inc.* Snowball Wealth* Glassdoor** Seesaw Learning* YCore Would you like to get exclusive content about tech careers and productivity? Sign up  for the Latinos Who Tech newsletter here: Who is Hugo Castellanos? Who is Hugo Castellanos? Learn more about him on Linkedin Thanks so much for listening to the show! If you want to know more about this and comment on the show, please join us on LatinosWhoTech or go to --- Send in a voice message:

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