We Are Not The Same podcast

We Are Not The Same

W.A.N.T.S Podcast

We discuss multiple subjects associated with dating, sex and lifestyle from our perspectives, challenging societal expectations.

6 Episodes

  • We Are Not The Same podcast

    Am I Toxic Pt. 2


    W.A.N.T.S is back with another episode ! we jump back into pt. 2 of "am I toxic?" in this episode we have some fun with the toxic topics and what we take part in ourselves. is everyone toxic? Can it be fixed ?
  • We Are Not The Same podcast

    What Is High Value


    In this weeks episode we discuss what high value individuals are , what to look for , and what to expect out of a high value individual. We also announce the winner of the Black Box Candle Co. GIVEAWAY ! And our W.A.N.T.S LIVE LOUNGE events.
  • We Are Not The Same podcast

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  • We Are Not The Same podcast



    Wes, Rudy & Jaz are back with episode 4! In our first live recorded episode under our new name "We Are Not The Same" Podcast , today's episode is called "Mindgasm" - The art of f**king the mind , we discuss the different ways it is applied by men and woman in relationships.
  • We Are Not The Same podcast

    Am I Toxic?


    Wes, Rudy & Jaz are back ! In this episode we touch on toxic traits in our personal lives and in relationships,  when to seek help, how to address personal road blocks. Does Gorilla glue keep the edges laid? first episode of 2021 ! we know you've missed us! 
  • We Are Not The Same podcast

    To Submit Or Not Submit


    In this Episode we discuss submitting to your significant other; what are the challenges and responsibilities that come with submission and submitting.  We also cover bad sex from a mans point of view. 
  • We Are Not The Same podcast

    " I'm Not Your Daddy "


    Enjoy our first studio session with I said what I said the podcast, we discuss our own perspectives when it comes to dating women and their expectations of us. 

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