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Kelby Losack

an arts & culture podcast focused on meaningful conversations with underground rappers, writers, & other interesting people.

37 Episodes

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    Keenan Maxie returns to day drink with Kelby and Marcus while chopping it up like we do and sticks around to give behind the scenes insight on his latest EP and things to come. Lonesome Bar is now streaming everywhere. 
  • Heathenish Radio podcast

    24 - Sam Pink


    Sam Pink is the author of several novels and poetry collections, including Witch Piss, Person, and Garbage Times, as well as a painter and multimedia artist. We chopped it up over the phone about doing things just to do them, the spirit of art, being honest, and also being whatever. You can find him on Twitter @sampinkisalive and IG @sam_pink_art. Books and paintings are available directly from him. The essay discussed at one point in the episode can be found on Neutral Spaces.
  • Heathenish Radio podcast

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  • Heathenish Radio podcast

    SMOKE BREAK: On the Road


    Marcus and I chop it up about everything from anime and rap culture to conspiracy theories and puppy training on a midnight road trip. This one's also a musical.
  • Heathenish Radio podcast

    White Trash Occultism FINALE


    We're on hiatus while working on an exciting project, but here's a clip show of sorts from vaulted (aka banned) episodes. Discussed: 'Montero' + DMX + Petscop.
  • Heathenish Radio podcast

    23 - Elle Nash


    Elle Nash is the author of NUDES and ANIMALS EAT EACH OTHER. On this episode, we discuss toddlers, transgressive art, where ideas come from, the "starving artist with a dream," and juggalos. Follow Elle on Twitter and IG @saderotica and check out her website (ellenash.net), as well as her Neutral Spaces page.
  • Heathenish Radio podcast

    WTO #9 - The Empty Nut Sack


    Kelby, Lucas, and David all have new books available. Check out Hurricane Season, American Garbage, and Tomahawk. Visit lessthanpulp.com for more. On this episode: post-vasectomy fugue states, kung fu fighting mosquitoes, and the cult sleeper hit film The Empty Man.
  • Heathenish Radio podcast

    WTO #8 - Death to Death


    The boys look at the Laibach video for "Smrt Za Smrt," discuss the ethos of the group, artists who piss off both the left and the right, communal life, and offensive imagery in music videos. Watch "Smrt Za Smrt" here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kdzCu...​ Check out David's books, including the first 3 entries in the Black Gum cycle right here: https://gumroad.com/godsfarenobetter VIDEO VERSION
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    22 - Infennity


    Infennity drops in to get ugly and drop some more knowledge. He's got a new ambient album out called Expeditions, available on all platforms. Follow him on IG @INFENNITY and Twitter @INFENNITY and listen/subscribe to his podcast Infennite Conversations.
  • Heathenish Radio podcast

    WTO #7 - Homocidal


    The boys dissect the modern giallo slasher Knife Plus Heart, talk about David Lynch (again), dildo knives, autofiction and problematic protagonists, wrestle with the place of transgressive art in our sanitized age, and relay stories of picking up hitchhikers. Big takeaway: raising questions is art; giving answers is propaganda. Check out https://www.lessthanpulp.com/ for more info.
  • Heathenish Radio podcast

    21 - D'urban Moffer


    D'urban Moffer a.k.a. G.P. DeSalvo is a poet, mixed media artist, and co-host of the podcast Alt-Write. Check out his blog, The Vast Indifference, and follow him on Twitter @DurbanMoffer and IG @blkboulder. ---------------- On this episode: Lycanthrope hand models, artist pseudonyms, occult origins, Rosicrucian philosophy, magic as the interaction of frequencies, coincidence vs open dialogue with the universe, prophetic art, and a whole lot more.

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