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A podcast featuring Open and Honest conversations examining how we relate with each other in the varied forms of human relationships. I am interested in what influences our values, identity, culture, social capital and ultimately our society. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook @crushedcinnamonpodcast. You can also get in touch via email If you like what you hear favourite the podcast and share

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    Sn4 EP6:Standing on the shoulders of Giants


    Who are the Giants who have made it possible to be where you are? Was it a Teacher, Guardian, Community Leader, Spiritual leader, Local shopkeeper, Grandparent? Honour them today, give them their flowers whilst they are still alive. Like subscribe, favourite and share this episode. Follow us on our social media handles on Facebook and Instagram @crushedcinnamonpodcast Have questions or comments? Email
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    SN4 EP5: You cannot use an old map to explore a new world


    In this episode the host discusses 2 issues that are of great concern to her- the growing stats of #womenviolence and why #Employers refuse to Evolve. Why are employers not taking advantage of creating roles that are #homebased #homeworking #hybridroles. I would love to interact with you on Instagram and Facebook @crushedcinnamonpodcast and you can email us on
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  • CrushedCinnamon podcast

    Sn4 EP4: Wildest traditions singletons across the World experience.


    Apparently as a collective we human beings across the world love bashing single people. We single shame them, ostracise unmarried people infact we have doomed them to misery and cats.. In this episode I look at some of the strangest traditions carried out across the world aimed at single people to cause them to wake up to get a life partner!!... I don't know why marriage become the ultimate goal. Find out why I have made a public apology to all unmarried people. As usual if you love this episode share with others, like it, favourite it, subscribe, download and interact with us on our social media pages Facebook, Instagram @crushedcinnamonpodcast and email us on
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    Sn4 Ep3:Be Like a Duck


    Smooth seas don't make skilled sailors. The reality of life is things will get hard, you will face multiple challenges at the same time. The way to handle it lies in the way ducks behave. You see them calm on the surface when they are in water, what you don't see is the work and effort they put in under water paddling like crazy. Join the conversation as I talk about the events of my life that lead me to want to emulate a duck. Follow us on our social nedia FB and Insta @crushedcinnamonpodcast drop us an email on
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    Season 4 EP2 Things I now know (final part)


    You know they say hindsight is 20/20 that being said it is never too late to unlearn things and do things differently. I share the things I have learned so far. In this episode I talk about letting your money work for you, having relationships that really count. Join in the conversation. Like and share and subscribe, you can also get in touch by email Follow the podcast on Instagram and Facebook.
  • CrushedCinnamon podcast

    Season 4 EP1 Things I now know Pt1


    Been doing some reflections and with my birthday coming up in September, it got me thinking what do I know as absolute truths, what do I know that actually works, what knowledge do I have that can be applied.. Hence birth of this new series. Enjoy the conversation. Catch all the episodes on: Follow the podcast on our social media pages :Facebook and Instagram
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    We are 1 year Old๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰


    In this episode I just celebrate this huge milestone. This podcast went live in July 2020 deep in lockdown and figuring out motherhood.. What a journey so I share what next as I look forward to more amazing conversations and milestones to hit. Thank you my listeners and guests for making this podcast come alive, I share this milestone with you.
  • CrushedCinnamon podcast

    Sn3 Ep 7:Professional boundaries


    Following on from last week's episode on Boundaries, I spoke about personal boundaries. On this episode I focuss on professional Boundaries. There are there to keep you safe in work space as well as ensure proper work-life balance. Interact with us on you will find all our social media information. You can also reach us by email on:
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    Season 3 Ep 6:Boundaries 'You are not required to set yourself on fire to keep others warm'


    Boundaries are limits or rules that help you and others navigate relationships whether intimate or professional. They are not about controlling others but actually are connectors cos they enable healthy relationships. When boundaries are clearly communicated, along with the consequences for breaking them, people understands your expectations.ย Can you describe some of your boundaries? Are you able to set boundaries? Join the conversation as I navigate this topic. Follow us on our social media pages @crushedcinnamonpodcast on Instagram and Facebook. Email us on
  • CrushedCinnamon podcast

    Season 3 Ep 5:Timeout


    In the very strange times we live in, we are having to work from home, care for our loved ones, run businesses and still manage to function. I realised that because I was working from home I was not utilising my leave days therefore not taking the timeout because we are in lockdown and couldn't really go anywhere outside the country. However timeout really doesn't translate to a vacation but it means to really stop work and focus on rest and taking care of yourself for defined period of time. Dovyou find it hard to take timeout? Do you feel guilty? Join the conversation, you can get in touch through our social media pages #CrushedCinnamonpodcast on Instagram and Facebook. Email us at

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