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Classes of Veteran


Join us for stories of peril to moments of joy all along theses Warriors path of healing.Cow tipping is as dangerous as moving work on the block. We take a sociological perspective of lessons learned from decades of warfare in this countries longest war to date. From the boroughs of NY, the burbs of Lees Summit, and the Mountain tops of the Rockies. One commonality we all shared was a love of country and a lack of options. Join us for non stop laughs and serious Veteran education from the professionals themselves.. YOU and your family Support this podcast:

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  • Classes of Veteran podcast

    25 years of service never looked better


    Colonel (ret) Matthew Bonnot talk about the changes he has seen in his over 2 decades of service!!
  • Classes of Veteran podcast

    No Limit Naval power


    Senior Chief (ret) Manuel Ortiz talks all things Navy and the skill set to be a career recruiter. As well as what it takes in succeed on and off duty in the music world!!
  • Classes of Veteran podcast

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  • Classes of Veteran podcast

    Patriots help bridge the divide


    Molly French sits down with us to discuss what she knew about Veterans and what she now knows! Patriots help bridge the Civilian/ Military Divide!! This is a must listen if you have Veteran friends and family.
  • Classes of Veteran podcast

    How do we define a Combat Veteran?


    Classes of Veterans first of many panels on debatable Veterans topics from health care, combat, who has the best uniform, and the most important of all who's has the best chow halls! 
  • Classes of Veteran podcast

    GunnersMate First Class Petty Officer Meyers and his time on a Boat!!


    Fast Tracking and highly motivated Gunners Mate M. Meyers talks about his time at sea!! As well he explains to use landlocked service members what's the difference between a ship and a boat! Tune in to hear the classic Army vs Navy bantar!!!
  • Classes of Veteran podcast

    Terminal Lance Thunderbolt


    USMC Ben Hendershot joins us to talk about his time and adventures in the Corps, NJP, and what a pleasure it was to serve is country!! Tune in to listen on how this Mortarmen changed his path in life from knocking houses down to building them!!
  • Classes of Veteran podcast

    Walking the thin line of service!


    Tune into what 25 years of service to the country and community looks like!
  • Classes of Veteran podcast

    Big J , Big Worm, the supply guy you want in your corner


    Join us for an up close and personal interview with Fred Johnson a 92 Yankee with a calling to do so much in life!! His story of working with our Spec-Ops Community is that of legend. Working at levels about his rank he made sure his troops could do what they needed to do!
  • Classes of Veteran podcast

    Hero is a gender neutral word


    Tune into another amazing episode of C.O.V. today guest has one hell of a story to tell!! This Veteran truly understands the meaning of fate. Stay for the shenanigans then understand of service is one of the finest coping skills!!.  --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
  • Classes of Veteran podcast

    Steel sharpens Steel


    Marine and Veteran advocate Mike Focke sits down and talk all things Marine!!! This a truly amazing full circle story you dont want to miss this one. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:

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