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Cambio de Ritmo

Herminio Junior Padilla

Welcome to Cambio de Ritmo's podcast.

Cambio de Ritmo directly translates to “change of rhythm” but in sports, soccer especially, the same phrase would be “change of pace”.

Cambio de ritmo is a phrase I heard a lot growing up, whether it was being advised to me by a coach to include more cambios de ritmo, changes of pace, into my game, or listening to commentators talk about how players like Riquelme, Messi, and Iniesta were masters at doing so.

In my own way of understanding it, a cambio de ritmo is a change of pace and/or direction in one’s movement in order to disrupt and impede the speed and direction the opposing player and team are moving at in order to create distance from one or more of them, to create separation in order to receive a pass from a teammate, or open up space so one can make a pass or take a shot themselves. Along with other things you can imagine.

Changing your pace in the game, whether you have the ball or not, is crucial if you want to simply make any play happen

I’ve experienced lots of “cambios de ritmo”, more-so looking at the translation as “change of rhythm”. My playing career and life as a whole up to this point have gone through many changes of rhythm, sometimes willingly and sometimes not, as I’m sure is true with those of my guests’.

At Cambio de Ritmo, it is believed that these changes are essential in the improvement and sustainability of every athlete both in their sport and life. From having away-from-sport interests and goals to overcoming obstacles in sport, cambios de ritmo are what makes every person who they are.

One thing we know about cambios de ritmo is that they make it very hard for the opposing team to read one's movements and plays. However, this podcast aims to follow our guests' pathway very closely.

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