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    086 - Improving continuously with agile coach Kimbaly St. Matthew-Daniel


    Veteran agile coach Kimbaly St. Matthew-Daniel breaks down how to help teams evolve from waterfall deployment to more agile methods, and how to have fun doing it. 
  • All Hands on Tech podcast

    085 - Getting started as an open source contributor with Gift Egwuenu


    The open source space is consistently improving, with a growing number of initiatives and projects built in the open. Front-end developer and consultant Gift Egwuenu shares insights on the importance of open source as well as how you can get started as a contributor, including:  How to make your first open source contribution Ways to overcome awkwardness and conflict in the open source process Tips for finding and making meaningful contributions to the projects you love  And more!
  • All Hands on Tech podcast

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  • All Hands on Tech podcast

    084 - Eliminating waste with Jan Trojanowski, Brian Pang and Kimbaly St. Matthew-Daniel


    Join Pluralsight author, Jeremy Morgan, as he discusses the steps to identifying and eliminating waste in software production with senior manager of software engineering at Jamf, Jan Trojanowski; development director at Electronic Arts (EA), Brian Pang and agile coach Kimbaly St. Matthew-Daniel.
  • All Hands on Tech podcast

    083 - T-Mobile's Axel Robinson on why love is the answer to operational excellence


    Axel Robinson is the business solutions and implementation manager at T-Mobile. In this conversation, Axel highlights how operational excellence paves the way for delivering a world class customer experience, and how showing love for his team is key to his success. 
  • All Hands on Tech podcast

    082 - Major releases and updates for AWS, Azure and GCP with David Tucker


    Join cloud strategist and Pluralsight author David Tucker for latest news, updates and resources you need to stay up to speed on in the fast-moving world of AWS, Azure and Google Cloud. For all the resources mentioned in this episode, please check out the video descriptions in the links below: GCP: Azure: AWS: 
  • All Hands on Tech podcast

    081 - Learning to code and embracing failure with Kristen Foster-Marks


    For today’s episode, we chatted with Kristen Foster-Marks—director of engineering for Flow at Pluralsight—about imposter syndrome, embracing failure as a new engineer, Kristen’s journey into tech, and her unique research into the academic field of second language acquisition and what it can teach us about learning how to code. Kristen's article series on SLA and learning to code can be found here: 
  • All Hands on Tech podcast

    080 - Implications of the Colonial Pipeline attack with Bri Andersen and Aaron Rosenmund


    Two members of Pluralsight security curriculum team discuss the implications of the Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack, and what security leaders and companies can learn to protect themselves against similar attacks in the future. Pluralsight courses and paths mentioned in this conversation: Red Team Tools:  Blue Team Tools: Security Event Triage:  Malware: Prevention, Detection, and Response: 
  • All Hands on Tech podcast

    079 - Team building and growth with Via's Rodney Cox


    Rodney Cox, VP of engineering at Via breaks down his rapid rise into software leadership, how he’s building his team, incremental growth and his approach of stretching beyond his comfort zones.
  • All Hands on Tech podcast

    078 - Building sustainable collaboration skills with Alice Meredith


    Culture strategist Alice Meredith discusses how to build a culture of collaboration on your technology team, including being vulnerable and transparent as a leader, setting aside time for structured brainstorming where everyone has a voice, and meeting each member of the team where they are at.
  • All Hands on Tech podcast

    077 - John Jung talks about solving problems by leaning into the weird


    Nylas director of engineering John Jung believes good software development comes from the inner weirdness of developers. That's why he's focused on creating the space needed for his team to find creative ways to solve problems. Learn how you can take a leaf out of his book and reap the benefits in this actionable interview.

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