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Ralf Wenzel of JOKR: Return of Lifetime is much more important than Return of Investment

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Today on the show, we have Ralf Wenzel, founder and CEO of JOKR. JOKR is a global platform for instant grocery and retail delivery at a hyperlocal scale. It delivers all sorts of product within 15 minutes of purchase, including groceries, drugs, pharmaceuticals, and exclusive local products that are not available in regular supermarkets. JOKR is a GGV portfolio.

Previously, Ralf was a managing partner for SoftBank Group, where he spent a lot of time in LatAM. Before that, Ralf was the Chief Strategy Officer and Board Member at Delivery Hero, one of the leading global online food delivery and ordering platform across more than 30 countries. Ralf sold his last startup, Foodpanda to Delivery Hero. He was the founder and CEO of Foodpanda, which contributes to the book of food delivery businesses globally today. Furthermore, Ralf built out Skrill or Paysafe, which is one of the leading global online payment companies in Europe and served as the Chief Operating Officer before. Lastly, Ralf has been supporting the other founders over the last 15 years and has been an active angel investor through his own vehicle, Tocororo ventures.

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