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Arts and culture commentary from your two favorite bi-coastal cuties, Amir and Przemek. Follow @th0tsonart on Instagram

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    We’ll Triennial Anything Once


    The petition worked, you raised your voices, and we’re back on the air! The th0ts discuss the virtues of studio sales, the thematic threads running through the just-opened New Museum Triennial, German corporate welfare, Zalando fashion, and more! Meanwhile, after making it out alive from a 6 hour long opera, Amir reports back on the comings and goings of the rabid Wagnerites of Lincoln Center.
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    Going There


    Following a growing national trend, we’re throwing in the towel and quitting art! Is this our last broadcast as artists? The th0ts also discuss the exploding prices of artists they’ve never heard of, the alleged art forgeries allegedly committed by Christian Rosa, and receive a live report from Paris’ hottest badly dressed art ho party! 
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    Art Basel - from UBS to IBS / with Artnet News’ Kate Brown


    Fire up that fondue pot and change those fonts to Helvetica, because a very special guest has popped in fresh off the runway from Switzerland! Artnet News Europe Editor, Kate Brown, joins us to share her impressions of Art Basel, the changes happening at pandemic-era art fairs, her favorite works and exhibitions, market trends, and more!
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    Breaking Fast w/ Rachel Libeskind


    Our special guest, Rachel Libeskind, joins us to discuss her new exhibition at New Release, growing up in Berlin and New York, ball sizes, brises, ghost spirits, and more. We also roll out the beige carpet and break down some lows and more lows of this year’s Met Gala.
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    Art Fair Exposé


    Just in time for the High Holidays, Amir returns stateside and hits the ground running! The th0ts chat about a major controversial comedy event, the Ghani family cash web, the 20th anniversary of 9/11, and our favorite juiced-up collector. Meanwhile, a myriad of alienating art fairs opens in New York, and we dissect the Autumn '21 trends (spoiler alert: they're bleak!)
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    Amir in Berlin


    After a two-year hiatus, Amir makes it back to Berlin and tries to live his best Emily life, only to be met with scowls around every corner. But being the rays of light that they are, the th0ts turn lemons into limoncello and rumspringa around town, snacking their way around some public art sites, catching up with friends old and new, and they create the penny pincher’s guide to viewing the Alexander Calder show at the newly reopened Neue Nationalgalerie.
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    Storm Queens


    After two dramatic and salacious months abroad, it’s time for Przemek to head home to the land of scowls. The boys reminisce about the last few weeks, their visits to Hudson Yards, the High Line, Storm King, and a jaunt through Chelsea. Meanwhile, MoMA PS1 reveals its list for Greater New York, and Przemek helps plan Amir’s Berlin homecoming. Stay tuned for our last in-person recording… for now!
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    The Van Buren Boys


    After nearly getting submerged by the flash floods of Tropical Storm Ella Emhoff, Amir makes it to the recording studio and the boys recount their 4th of July adventure, which included a visit to a National Historic Site, Hudson Valley hijinks, and a day of snacking. Later, they try to unpack art nouveau but end up putting it back in the box. Meanwhile, Przemek starts relying on that body and talks about his new wet ’n’ wild abstract paintings.
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    Ab Flex


    After a brutal heatwave, Amir has suddenly found himself waterlogged on the Upper East Side, while Przemek has finally made it upstate to his residency. The boys discuss our favorite Cheeto artist, the Observer’s Arts Power 50 list, and some highlights and lowlights from a crawl around the Chelsea galleries.
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    Thots, Reunited


    Blue jeans, baseball, New York! After three trimesters of remotely recording, the th0ts have reunited at last and finally birthed their first in-person recording! After Przemek fills us in on his time in Mexican exile, we take a trip to the Met and visit the world of goopy ceramics, rococo chamber pots, and overpriced millennial paintings. Order in a $16 salad and join us for a wild ride!

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