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The Red Menace

Allison Hore and Chris Bohlsen

The Red Menace is a comedy news podcast, where we talk about all the weird and fun local news stories we can find. We also make jokes sometimes. Listen to Allison and Chris try to make each other laugh every Monday.

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    141 - Grease is Thicker than Blood


    We're sorry for leaving you alone, the podcast will never do that to you again. The podcast loves you. The podcast loves you like no one else will. Your friends don't love you like the podcast loves you. You should stop talking to your friends and just spend more time with the podcast. Totally unrelated to the above, I've been watching that show "You" on Netflix.
  • The Red Menace podkast

    140 - Butt Plug Discourse


    It's podcast time! Time for podcast! Cast that pod! Dredge the pod from the bottom of the lake! Dive deep and explore an underwater cavern to find the pod. The pod glows with an otherworldly light. You hear a high pitched ringing. Your mother's face flashes before your eyes. You see yourself being born. Are you reborn? I'm going mad in lockdown.
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  • The Red Menace podkast

    139 - We're Back!


    We're back! Podcast! In spite of lockdown and general grimness, the content fount cannot be plugged.
  • The Red Menace podkast

    138 - Only Uggos Allowed


    If you're hot, don't listen to this episode. It's not your place. I am sorry for being discriminatory like this, but it must be done.
  • The Red Menace podkast

    137 - Keep the Moon Weird


    You guys, the moon has such a unique and vibrant culture, and it would be a real shame if we just covered it in luxury apartments. Keep the moon weird!
  • The Red Menace podkast

    136 - A Blue Nissan Navara


    Happy Pride everybody! This episode is brought to you by everyone's favourite defence-systems provider: Raytheon! We love our sponsors (they said if we didn't post this here they'd hit us with a precision drone strike)!
  • The Red Menace podkast

    135 - Animals Are Not Surfboards!


    They're not! Why is this even controversial?! Stop surfing on animals people; it's not okay! This is a podcast.
  • The Red Menace podkast

    134 - Sharks are Sigma Males


    Oh my a podcast! It's real! Not just a phantom conjured forth by your withdrawal-addled mind. Please enjoy we promise we'll never go away again until we inevitably do.
  • The Red Menace podkast

    133 - F for Freedom


    Help! We are trapped in an eternal loop where we are forced to sing and dance for your entertainment! This is a true cruelty. Also this is a podcast episode.
  • The Red Menace podkast

    132 - The Disappearance of Big Bird


    This is a true crime podcast now. A very serious podcast for adults. Television's Big Bird has been kidnapped, and we're on the hunt to find the culprits. As we close in, what horrors await the famed performing bird?

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