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Microsoft’s Inside Track podcast explores the intersection of industry and technology that helps to accelerate the future of the automotive industry. Host and resident car guy Kerry Lebel speaks with industry experts, insiders, and analysts about long-term trends, the evolving expectations of consumers, and the effects of technology advancements on industry strategies.

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    Episode 1 - Factories, BI and AI—oh my!


    Automotive companies are using AI and BI tools to create higher levels of efficiency and reduce the complexities of their ever changing supply chain. Trever White, group manager of manufacturing engineering systems for Toyota in North America, speaks with Kerry about the benefits and challenges of insightful decision-making and implementation on his company’s factory floors. View the transcript.  Kerry Lebel | LinkedIn | Twitter [host] Trever White, Group Manager, Manufacturing Engineering Systems, Toyota Motor North America | LinkedIn [guest] Toyota USA Microsoft Automotive
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    Episode 2 - The power of the connected vehicle


    Automotive connectivity is becoming as integral to our lives as mobile phones. Smart city programs can make our roads safer and diversify how we get around. Anupam Malhotra of Audi of America shares his insights on innovation that drives adoption to meet consumers' evolving expectations.   View the transcript.  Kerry Lebel | LinkedIn | Twitter [host] Anupam Malhotra, Director of Connected Vehicles and Data, Audi of America | LinkedIn [guest] Audi of America Microsoft Automotive
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    Episode 3 - Cloud simulations: The speed of innovation


    By using AI and the cloud to accelerate design, engineering, testing, and simulation, teams can transform the way they develop vehicles while cost-effectively scaling their operations speeding the time to market. Sandeep Sovani of Ansys shows how simulations in many aspects of design have helped to speed up autonomous vehicle development and make vehicles more efficient.  View the transcript.  Kerry Lebel | LinkedIn | Twitter [host] Sandeep Sovani, Director of ADAS and Autonomy, Ansys | LinkedIn [guest] Ansys Microsoft Automotive
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    Episode 4 - Customer experience—the new differentiator


    By bringing together data from multiple sources such as marketing, sales, services, and connected vehicles, automakers and their partners can create deeper connections and greater customer insights. Magnús Guðjónsson of Annata shows how building a foundation for personalized omnichannel consumer experiences can strengthen automotive brand loyalty.  View the transcript. Kerry Lebel | LinkedIn | Twitter [host] Magnús Guðjónsson, Evangelist and Solutions Architect, Annata | LinkedIn [guest] Annata Microsoft Automotive
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    Episode 5 - We’ve only just begun


    Everything Kerry’s guests have discussed this season culminates here with Jeffrey Hannah of SBD Automotive. Jeffrey discusses how the automotive industry is developing intelligent transportation infrastructures, creating seamless in-vehicle mobility experiences, and creating new revenue streams in partnership with world-class mobility technology partners.  View the transcript. Kerry Lebel | LinkedIn | Twitter [host] Jeffrey Hannah, North American Team Lead, SBD Automotive | LinkedIn [guest] SBD Automotive Microsoft Automotive

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