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Reality Roundup - Big Brother Celebrity Edition! Ep 3

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Hellooo peanuts!What a way to start a weekend! Lots of drama in the Celebrity Big Brother house and we *claps* are *claps* here * claps* for *claps* IT! Turns out, Chris Kirkpatrick DIDN’T get his ass kicked (YET) but someone did get evicted! Listen to this episode to find out who it was because we know better than to write spoilers in descriptions, duh. The guys talk all about it AND about the drama that will ensue from it. Alliances are being made, people. Things are about to heat up real quick! Sidenote, we would like to point out that Lance and Michael have started this limited series off strong with recording this podcast in bed and now in the car! Multitasking new zaddies for the win. Where to next? Find out next week on Biiiig Brother!

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