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Dear Media, Ali Kolbert

Queer Comedian Ail Kolbert explores dating, relationships, and mental health on her complaint-riddled journey towards adulthood. She says the things people are too afraid to, and asks the questions we are all wondering, like: “who pays on a same sex date?” “what do your porn preferences mean about your sexuality?” and “why are people so obsessed with babies anyway?!"

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  • the ali kolbert show podkast

    Euphoria, Yellowjackets, and Airplane Middle Seats with Madi Murphy


    Madi Murphy from the hit podcast The Bad Broadcast and I discuss WTF is going on with Slytherin house in Harry Potter, hilarious takes on Yellowjackets & Euphoria, Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian, rewatching old movies, diagnosing yourself on Tik Tok, are you an aisle or middle seat person on airplanes, Ali’s hilarious airplane story, dealing with negative feedback, when your friends aren’t chill about you cancelling, moms on instagram, and a blue check verified baby. Produced by Dear Media.
  • the ali kolbert show podkast

    Who pays on same-sex dates? with Megan Mitchell


    Lesbian Tik Tok Star and News Anchor Megan Mitchell joins the pod! We discuss how she matched with my ex on a dating app, Megan’s recent break up, first gay LOVE, Megan’s coming out story, figuring out if I want children, how I see myself as Brad Pitt, who pays on lesbian dates, what it means to be masculine or feminine in a same sex relationship, and of course…her famed undercut. Produced by Dear Media.
  • the ali kolbert show podkast

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  • the ali kolbert show podkast

    Why I want to be a Dad, DINK (Double Income No Kids) Life, and Dating Fact or Fiction with Lindsey Metselaar


    Ali and Lindsey talk about calling friends terms of endearment, Lindsey’s recent engagement, how opposites attract...and then attack, DINK life (double income no kids),how Ali wants to be a dad not a mom, and then fact or fiction with dating myths like whether or not men should pay, how important it is to be single and grow, when to follow someone on instagram, when to have sex while dating, and more! Produced by Dear Media.
  • the ali kolbert show podkast

    Masturbation is a journey, why it’s hard to leave good people, and when you see someone and the world stops with Rayna Greenberg


    Happy New Year! Ali and Rayna talk about Rayna’s recent break up, Rayna’s podcast Girls Gotta Eat selling out The Beacon Theater, Rayna liking lesbian porn, Ali’s first time watching gay porn, Ali’s first and only boyfriend, seeing someone and having the world STOP, why it’s hard to leave someone who is a good person, what happens when you announce your relationship on social media, the unspoken pain of friendship break ups, answer listener questions, and what they are both committed to in 2022. Produced by Dear Media.
  • the ali kolbert show podkast

    Men on the Internet Pay Me For This


    Ali & Julien discuss pay pigs, fin dom, & the progressive youth.  Produced by Dear Media.
  • the ali kolbert show podkast

    Eric Neumann: Becoming TikTok Famous


    Becoming TikTok famous, doing crowd-work, the craziest story Eric ever heard from the audience, dealing with rejection, the one piece of feedback Eric always got, lessons from Kobe, and the crying baby at the cellar. Produced by Dear Media.
  • the ali kolbert show podkast

    Questions and Confessions with Shannon Coffey


    Shannon loves Ali’s advice, growing up in Puerto Rico, being exclusively attracted to celebrities, and what happens when a date goes off the rails.   Produced by Dear Media.
  • the ali kolbert show podkast

    Fallon Recap, Thanksgiving Ratings, The Lox Club and more


    Ali and Sammy recap Ali performing on The Tonight Show, discuss revamping Sammy’s hinge profile, dudes who like “sarcasm,” Thanksgiving side dishes and desserts, and more! Produced by Dear Media.
  • the ali kolbert show podkast

    Sex, Love, & Goop and the Blendjet with Molly Austin


    Comedian Molly Austin joins Ali and they talk Sex, Love, and Goop, massage kinks, face filters on Instagram, female confidence, the body positivity movement, and Molly wants to be a representative for Blendjet. Produced by Dear Media.
  • the ali kolbert show podkast

    Jena Kingsley is a MILF


    Jena Kingsley is a hilarious MILF. We talk dog-owning, Hilaria Baldwin, Jena seeing Pete Davidson at a basketball game, the PR machine of the Kardashian Family, what the hell are Disney communities, when therapy works and doesn’t, group wellness programs like Nine Perfect Strangers, Jena’s therapist is instagram famous, and not reading your emails. Produced by Dear Media.

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