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Show Me The Way To Build A Luxury Brand When The Odds Are Stacked Against You with Rokeya

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Rokeya is the founder of the luxury fashion brand, Khanums.

She is a British Bangladeshi, born and raised around what she calls the “dodgy” ends of East London.

She came from a working class family of seven siblings, with parents who immigrated from Bangladesh for better opportunities.

She became a young teen mum and ended up a lone parent. 

Statistically, the odds were stacked up against her but she wouldn't let societal expectation (or lack of it) hold her back. 

Rokeya put herself through law school and started a job in the corporate world. On the side she started to design her own clothes and launched her own brand. And it went from strength to strength. So she quit the day job. 

Khanums has grown to become a luxury brand stocked in Harvey Nichols and on track to a turnover of £1 million this year.

Rokeya is also an ambassador for the Bangladesh Education Trust dedicated to ending child labour.

For Emmeline's bookshelf she recommends The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy.

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