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Show Me The Way To Be A Leader (not a guilty parent)

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Too often parents feel they have to choose between family life and their leadership career.

But we shouldn't have to choose between an ambitious career and raising young children.

Not only can it lead to the start of the wealth gap between women and men but it can also lead to a loss of confidence in returning to work, for both men and women who decide to take a break.

We will hear from two people at the heart of driving change in this area.

Verena Hefti is the CEO and Founder of Leaders Plus which celebrates and supports parents who unapologetically want both career and family.

Natalie Goldwater has spent the last three years at the BBC building the Global Women in News network, the corporation's largest and most successful staff networks with over 2000 members globally in 25 locations around the world.

Verena's podcast: Big Careers, Small Children

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