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Show Me The Way "Author Special" with Feminist Revenge Writer, Scarlett Brade

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"This isn't a story. This is my confession. I have killed my ex's new partner."

Punchy opening to this feminist revenge thriller by debut novellist Scarlett Brade. 

In it Charlotte is dating a famous boxer. All is champagne and roses, until it's not and social media has a huge part to play. 

On Show Me The Way Scarlett explains how she came to write the book, how she got an agent, life imitating art as she'd had a relationship with a famous boxer which inspired the book, and her 'gal' group which got her through the break up. 

For Emmeline's bookshelf she recommends The Unmorrow Curse - a mythical fantasy perfect for 8-12 year olds. Its author also happens to be her sister Jasmine Richards.

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