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Project A is a European venture capital investor. With 500m Euro under Management, the company focuses on early-stage startups. In addition to capital, Project A provides operational support to its portfolio companies through their 100 functional experts across the startup building stack. The Project A Podcast is the place to go for entrepreneurs and founders looking for expert advice and actionable tips to take their startup to the next level. We know it can be a long and hard journey. Challenges are infinite and resources limited. In this podcast, you’ll learn from our experience as an Operational VC working with 50+ early-stage startups and find the inspiration you need to get going. Featuring our in-house experts in fields such as Marketing, BI, and Organizational Building, as well as fellow founders from our broad portfolio of companies, we give you valuable insights on what it takes to build a successful company.

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    Unpacking Brand Value| PAP#117


    What is brand intelligence, how can a brand be ranked and its value be measured? Irina Ermak, Business Director at Interbrand, and Simon Walter, our Chief Brand Officer, shed light on the topic and discuss why startups should look into this, too! If you'd like to know more about Brand Value, or other brand-related topics, don't forget to sign up for our annual Project A Knowledge Conference! Apply for a ticket now. We look forward to seeing you there. Apply for an online ticket now:
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    From operator to Lightspeed, with Paul Murphy | PAP#116


    A discussion with Paul Murphy, who recently joined Lightspeed Venture Partners’ in London. We discuss Paul’s long, varied and impressive career on both sides of the table. From company founder, angel investor to venture capitalist. He gives us an insight into Lightspeed’s ambitions in Europe and his own investment philosophy.
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    Creating the next generation of education apps | PAP#115


    Covid-19 has exposed schools not being ready for digital learning. Students have to take matters into their own hands. That’s what Benedict Kurz, founder of the digital learning platform Knowunity, is convinced of. He explains how his app has attracted almost 1 million students already. You can find Knowunity’s job opportunities here:
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    The evolution of first round investing in Europe| PAP#114


    We chat with Reshma Sohoni  (@rsohoni) and Tom Wilson (@tom_wils) from Seedcamp (@seedcamp). We discuss building Seedcamp into Europe’s most prominent first cheque venture investor, the evolution of the European technology ecosystem and talent clusters. Reshma also sheds light on investing early in UiPath and their journey to their recent IPO.
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    Continuous Product Discovery Habits | PAP#113


    Teresa Torres is an international author, speaker, and coach. She taught over 7000 product people discovery skills with her product talk academy. Companies like Spotify or Tesco are among her clients.  She is the author of the book “Continuous Discovery Habits”. In this episode we discuss how to overcome barriers of discovery, how to get started and develop habits to continuously talk to customers.
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    Welcoming Jack to Project A and doubling down on European seed | PAP#112


    Uwe welcomes Jack Wang to Project A as investment principal focusing on enterprise deep tech and gaming. Jack talks a bit about his background, what he is excited about and the exciting times for founders starting companies in Europe. Uwe and Jack also deep dive into Project A’s view on seed investing, what they look for and how they help amazing founders challenging the status quo.
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    Brand Growth: What to keep in mind | PAP#111


    David Nothacker is co-founder and CEO of sennder, Europe’s leading digital road freight carrier and Germany’s unicorn No. 14. Together with Simon, our Chief Brand Officer, he talks about how branding must evolve when the company enters hyper growth and how the brand can help drive this growth - internally and externally.
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    BTS: from first contact to term sheet at Project A | PAP#110


    A behind the scenes look at the investment process at Project A. Whilst the investment process is opaque at most venture capital firms, we'd like to expose ours. An unbridled insight into what it's like to go from first contact to term sheet.
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    US go-to-market strategy for European scale-ups | PAP#109


    What does it take for a European scale-up to nail go-to-market in the US? Charlotte, our Head of Venture Development, picked the brain of Scott Sinatra who is Chief Revenue Officer at Dixa, the customer engagement platform and Project A portfolio company.  As a global sales leader with experience at Glassdoor and Glint, Scott truly understands what it takes to internationalise from a commercial perspective. He shares his best practices, who to look for as your first hire on the ground, how to find a strong sales leader like himself and what you need to have in place as a company before you make the leap across the pond.
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    Crafting Communication in Companies | PAP#108


    Fausto Maglia is CPO in Italy's fastest growing #proptech startup Casavo. In this episode we talk about communication. We discuss problems companies face when they grow fast and when business and tech needs get in sync. We’ll show some ideas on how to design communication so it becomes a tool of growth.

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