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Dara Kaplan and Gwen Wunderlich

Pretty Electric is a weekly podcast for women that want to create an electric life of their very own. Hosted by BFFs and business partners, Dara Kaplan and Gwen Wunderlich, the Pretty Electric Podcast includes noteworthy discussions on everything from female entrepreneurship to business advice and to up to the minute pop culture. Champions of all things female, Pretty Electric is a natural progression of Dara and Gwen’s globally acclaimed program, The Enternship. After countless requests from women around the world, the electric duo are now bringing their new weekly podcast in a hilarious format to the masses. The Pretty Electric podcast features interviews with Dara and Gwen’s bad-ass femtrepreneur friends and hilarious personal stories based on the pair’s 20 plus years of owning a thriving Fashion and Celebrity Public Relations firm. The Pretty Electric podcast is for anyone looking to raise their vibrations, start a new side business or make a big life change. It’s also for the woman that just needs a good laugh while being inspired, uplifted and ultimately shifted. Join in to listen and get ready to be completely, utterly and undeniably electric.

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    Episode 25: Dating + Love with Celebrity Matchmaker and Dating Strategist, Jasmine Diaz


    Today we have celebrity matchmaker and dating strategist, Jasmine Diaz. We are talking dating apps, the self fulfilling prophecy, dating with intention and finding love in this ultra connected, hyper Digital world of social media. Find Jasmine at Tune in and follow us on Instagram at @theprettyelectric, @DaraKaye and @GwenWunder. For more information visit
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    Episode 24: Rev up your career like a shiny brand new Porsche! Vroom Vroom ladies!


    Today we are chatting about careers versus jobs. We are giving you real actionable tips how to REV your career up! We are also taking a little dive into Karl Lagerfeld's size shaming past, Jussie Smollet's impending charges and more! We hope you enjoy this episode. Follow us on @theprettyelectric, @DaraKaye and @GwenWunder on Instagram. For more info visit us at
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    Episode 23: Shade, Haters + Tales from the Entrepreneurial Crypt with Cara Alwill of The Champagne Diet


    Today we are chatting about how to deal with the haters, getting shade, and other tales from the entrepreneurial crypt with one of our business besties, best selling author and host of Style Your Mind podcast, Cara Alwill Leyba.  We are dishing on how we personally deal with online and offline hate, from people you don't know to even your closest loved ones. We are giving you tips to bounce those haters right outta here and keep your vibes up! We hope you enjoy this chatty episode. Follow us on @theprettyelectric, @DaraKaye and @GwenWunder on Instagram. For more info visit us at Follow Cara on Instagram at @thechampagnediet. Listen to Style your Mind Podcast at and on iTunes.
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    Episode 22: F*ck Expectations and Dodge Disappointment not only this Valentine's Day, but in life


    Today we are chatting about Valentine's Day and how f*cking expectations can help you to dodge disappointments, not only on Valentine's Day, but in life. We also talk about our own personal disappointments and taking what we have learned in our past relationships to help you! We are giving you the scoop on how to let unmet expectations to propel you farther in life. We hope you enjoy this chatty episode. Follow us on @theprettyelectric, @DaraKaye and @GwenWunder on Instagram. For more info visit us at
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    Episode 21: Bossing Up, boycotting busy + tips to beating BURNOUT - being busy is not a badge of honor!


    In this episode we talk about why burnout is happening to you, bossing UP and why being busy is not a badge of honor. We're giving you REAL TIPS on how to reset and how not let things HAPPEN to you. We're sharing the scoop on why you are feeling burnt to the max and dishing that tough love by telling you how you are letting it happen to you. Time to BOSS up and protect your time! You're not available to everyone. Follow us on @theprettyelectric, @DaraKaye and @GwenWunder on Instagram. For more info visit us at
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    Episode 20: Start-Up 101 Advice! Getting the word out + turning your concept into CASH NOW $


    In our 20th episode we are talking start up 101 advice to turn your concept into cash. If you aren't making money from your idea or concept, it is just a hobby! We are giving you the scoop we give to our clients at our PR firm, Wunderlich Kaplan Communications. We are talking, getting people to spread your message, how to attract followers, networking and more. We hope you enjoy. Follow us on @theprettyelectric, @DaraKaye and @GwenWunder on Instagram. For more info visit us at
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    Episode 19: The Law of Attraction, Impermanence, Energetic Disease + why happiness must be internal


    Join us in this chat about the Law of Attraction and all about happiness. We are discussing how to attain happiness, and why it must be internal and come from within. We also are digging into energetic diseases, quantum physics, Buddhist principles, Marie Kondo, and hanging out with only "mind blowers".  We hope you enjoy! You can find us on instagram at @ThePrettyElectric, @DaraKaye and @GwenWunder  
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    Episode 18: Getting real with the truth on F*ck Ups, crashes + burns. Making your mistakes count!


    You guys asked for it and we answered. Here are our lessons from the Frontlines of our PR business and as entrepreneurs. We are giving you tips on how to make mistakes that count. We also are getting super real on the crashes, burns and total f*ck up moments that lead us to greatness. We are dishing on how to set up your success based off of past failures. Tune in and follow us on Instagram at @theprettyelectric, @DaraKaye and @GwenWunder. 
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    Episode 17: Welcome to 2019, the year of money, power + sex?


    In this episode we talk about New Years goals in health, fitness, business and most importantly, money. Do you have a grasp on your money? Do you know where you stand? We specifically are talking women and money, what you need to know and our money plans for 2019.  Please subscribe, rate and review. For more information follow us on Instagram at @Theprettyelectric, @DaraKaye and @GwenWunder. Books mentioned: The 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins The 10x Rule by Grant Cardone I can't make this up by Kevin Hart Own the Day by Aubrey Marcus The Obstacle is the Way by Ryan Holiday Crush it By Gary Vaynerchuck I will Teach you To Be Rich - Ramit Sethi
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    Episode 16: Traveling with Nomads in Mongolia to Richard Branson promoting you


    In this episode we are talking with our close friend Catalina Girald, who started as our client when launching her brand We are discussing how meeting one little girl in the slums of Colombia who was put into prostitution by her mother to support her family sparked Catalina's empowerment mission while launching We are talking how Catalina went from selling a company to traveling in Mongolia with the Nomads to launching a brand to securing funding for a new company from Howard Schulz to hanging out with Richard Branson on his private island to achieving global success hand in hand with us, her PR firm for her Nude for All Campaign. Catalina is also giving tips for young entrepreneurs out there. Tune in and follow us on Instagram at @theprettyelectric, @DaraKaye and @GwenWunder.  You can find Naja at

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