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Hosted by Celebrity Makeup Artist Lipsticknick, Pout After Dark breaks down all things Beauty, Business & Boss Girl Sh*t!

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    Episode 10: Dre Ronayne


    Dre Ronayne is one of Nicole’s favorite people for many reasons. Not only was she Nicole’s first ever makeup assistant, but she has stayed true to herself in LA as a gamer with a passion and talent for makeup. Always a go-getter, Dre talks about how she sought out opportunities in alternative plus size modeling and built a solid fan base in her niche community through establishing herself on social media as a one-of-a-kind artist with glam meets “mall goth” style. Follow Dre @dreronayne
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    Episode 9: Alana Schober


    Alana Schober is a celebrity makeup artist and our lead Pout Pro from the Bay Area who is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. Nicole and Alana reminisce on their individual experiences working at MAC and how being hired at Pout has led to Alana’s artistic growth and collaboration with celebrity clients like Iggy Azalea and Solange. With her unique street style and incredible talent, Alana is truly one of a kind. Follow @alanaschober
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    Episode 8: Esther Koop, Part 2


    Part Two with Esther Koop has arrived! Nicole and her bff/business partner Esther walk us through what it took to build Pout from the ground up in less than six months. From casting decisions to logo design to executing their vision for the space, this episode gives you a glance into all the blood, sweat and tears behind Pout Beauty Bar. Follow Esther @esther_koop & Pout Beauty Bar @poutbeautybar
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    Episode 7: Esther Koop, Part 1


    Co-founder of Pout and Nicole’s Manager, Esther Koop has carved out a path for herself that’s been unconventional, to say the least. In Part 1 of our chat with Esther, we learn how she got her start in business working for private equity firms and how she applied that experience to tour managing worldwide a cappella sensation, Pentatonix. Follow Esther @esther_koop
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    Episode 6: Samuel Ray


    Samuel Ray is the first ever Pout Pro Artist to join us on Pout After Dark! The day after Sam arrived in LA from small town Missouri, he applied on a whim to Nicole’s “secret project” and was shocked to find out he was selected as part of the Pout team (while still in makeup school)! In this episode, they discuss how Sam gained his impressive following, what it takes to make being a beauty influencer your full-time job and of course, they reflect on Sam’s initial Pout audition. Follow Sam @samuel.rayy
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    Episode 5: Boomkack MUA


    At only 24 years old, Juan Tamez, aka Boomkack MUA, has already established himself as a force to be reckoned with in the makeup world. Having been named one of Forbes 30 Under 30 and with clients ranging from Jeffree Star to Laurieann Gibson, Boomkack is the definition of having achieved the American Dream. In this episode, we go into detail of what he has had to overcome in order to achieve success in such a competitive industry. Follow Boomkack @boomkackmua
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    Episode 4: Q&A with Lipsticknick


    In our first Q&A episode, Lipsticknick answers questions directly from you! From how she first got started in makeup to her biggest pet peeves when doing someone's glam to everything in between, Nicole gets candid and dives deep into what it takes to make it in beauty.
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    Episode 3: Kaley Hatfield


    Kaley Hatfield is not only an accomplished professional dancer, she is also a total boss babe with her thriving personal training business helping clients in LA, Canada and beyond with her online program! In our first episode of 2020, Nicole and Kaley discuss the importance of setting small goals each day, taking care of yourself physically and maintaining a positive, growth mindset as a young entrepreneur. Follow Kaley @kaley_hatfield
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    Episode 2: Jon Sams


    Jon Sams has very quickly become the go-to beauty campaign photographer for your favorite cosmetic brands. In this episode, we discuss with Jon how to be flexible and maintain positive energy on set, work/life balance & how working with Nicole led to collaborating with power players in beauty like James Charles, Nikita Dragun & Morphe. Follow Jon @jonsams
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    Episode 1: Jesus Hair


    Kylie Jenner, Shay Mitchell and Chrissy Teigen are just a few of the celebrities with Jesus Hair on speed dial. In our debut episode, Jesus and Nicole talk about his incredible journey from Houston to LA and how he came to be one of the most in-demand hairstylists in the entertainment industry. Follow Jesus @jesushair

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