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Hour 1: OBJ Wants the Ball More

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OBJ came out and said that he wants the ball more and the guys agree. They see the dominant player that he is and the Browns are missing out on the talent that they already have on their roster. David Kaplan also joins the show to discuss if Lamar Jackson is an elite QB, what makes an elite QB and if the league has caught up to Mahomes.

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    Introducing "Haters" from Man in the Arena


    Whether you love him or hate him or are somehow completely indifferent, you’ve probably spent at least some of the last 20 years thinking about Tom Brady. Brady has altered friendships, families and communities. He’s changed the trajectory of careers and reputations, enabled fairy tale dreams to be both realized and dashed. 'Man In the Arena' is a new 10-part series from ESPN and Religion of Sports that looks at those two decades of Brady through the eyes of the fans and the haters, those in the arena and those outside. Host Gotham Chopra grapples with these big themes, while grounding the podcast in his personal relationship with Tom and his journey from a Brady fan to Tom’s friend.   America’s collective adoration of the underdog means that people love to hate Tom Brady. In the world of sports, hatred is inevitable, so why are haters always gonna hate? And in the context of sports, could hate be a positive thing? What might it take to change one fan’s mind?    Listen on Apple Podcasts (, Spotify (, or search 'Man In the Arena' wherever you're listening now.
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    Hour 4: Big Ben to the Big Bench


    Antonio Brown suspended. David Pollack joins to talk about championship weekend & the CFP. Should the Steelers bench Big Ben?
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    Hour 3: Sean Payton & the Giants?


    Would Sean Payton immediately fix whatever is wrong with the Giants if he ends up leaving the Saints after this season? Could Russell Wilson end up in Philly? Mo Egger joins to talk about Joe Burrow's growth and the Cincinnati Bearcats season.
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    Hour 2: Brady Hasn't Changed


    More on the Cowboys win over the Saints on TNF. Rob Ninkovich joins to talk about how Tom Brady hasn't lost a step at all and what it was like to be a wedge buster. Plus, would you rather start your franchise with Justin Herbert or Joe Burrow?
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    Hour 1: Still Concerned about Cowboys After Win?


    The Cowboys pick up a much needed win over the Saints on TNF...but are you still concerned? Justin Fields practices but his status is still uncertain vs. the Cardinals on Sunday. Dan Graziano joins to talk about AB's suspension and more...
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    Hour 4: Must Win for Cowboys


    Joe Fortenbaugh joins to play House Money & get us ready for a huge weekend of football. Frank Gore joins to talk about finally retiring and his upcoming boxing match with Deron Williams. Plus...tonight's game is a must-win for both the Cowboys & Saints.
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    Hour 3: Lincoln Riley


    New USC Head Coach Lincoln Riley joins the guys to talk about taking the job with the Trojans...and the names of his dogs. Amani Toomer joins to talk Giants & Michigan's big win over Ohio State. Plus, we play Take It or Shake It.
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    Hour 2: Josh Allen or Mac Jones?


    Buster Olney joins to give us more on the MLB lockout. Jakobi Meyers joins the show to talk about Mac Jones' development and the Pats up coming game vs. the Bills. Plus, the guys play Take Your Pick with the QB matchups in Week 13.
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    Hour 1: Locked Out


    What team needs a win more on Thursday Night...the Cowboys or Saints? Major League Baseball is facing a lockout for the first time in nearly 3 decades. What's the future look like for Baker Mayfield in Cleveland? Dianna Russini joins for Hot News or Not News.
  • Keyshawn, JWill & Max podkast

    Hour 4: Coach O


    Former LSU head coach Ed Orgeron joins the show to talk about leaving LSU, the challenges that you face coaching at LSU & USC, and triple cheeseburgers. Plus, Pro Football Hall of Famer & Heisman Trophy winner Tim Browns joins the guys to talk about Brian Kelly leaving Notre Dame, and who he wants to see as their next coach.

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