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Hour 1: Gruden Resigns

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Keyshawn, Jay and Max react to the huge news that Jon Gruden resigned as coach of the Raiders following his email controversy. ESPN Football Analyst Booger McFarland & ESPN NFL Reporter Dan Graziano join the show to add their perspectives on the situation.

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    Hour 4: Rating Bart Scott's Top 5 QBs


    The Eagles tried their hardest to hold off the Bucs but were not able too, especially after they were called for taunting in the 4th quarter last night. The guys rate Bart Scott’s Top 5 QBs in the NFL, which does not include Patrick Mahomes. Chris Long joins to talk about the young QBs that he likes, what he thinks they bring to their teams and he gives his pick for the most valuable QB.
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    Hour 3: Key Conference


    Keyshawn explains how anxious he was while he was watching the Dodgers go against the Giants last night and how emotionally involved he gets when his teams play big games. He also gives his version of what coaches and players say during thier press conference before Producer Evan plays the actual audio.
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  • Keyshawn, JWill & Max podkast

    Hour 2: Controversy at Dodgers & Giants Last Night


    Eduardo Perez joins to talk about the Dodgers win last night against the Giants, the controversy about the last call and about Game 1 of the ALCS tonight between Astros vs Red Sox. Dan Graziano also joins to talk talk about how much Tom Brady has changed the Bucs, Lamar Jackson evolving his game and his article about the timeline with Deshaun Watson.
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    Hour 1: OBJ Wants the Ball More


    OBJ came out and said that he wants the ball more and the guys agree. They see the dominant player that he is and the Browns are missing out on the talent that they already have on their roster. David Kaplan also joins the show to discuss if Lamar Jackson is an elite QB, what makes an elite QB and if the league has caught up to Mahomes.
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    Hour 4: What would Al Davis have done?


    Joe Fortenbaugh joins the show to preview Week 6 in the NFL. Amy Trask joins the guys to talk about Jon Gruden and how the NFL can become more inclusive.
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    Hour 3: Key is NERVOUS about Game 5


    Kyrie needed to speak up about what's going on with him, so it's good we got to hear from him on IG Live last night. Jessica Mendoza joins to preview Game 5 between the Dodgers & Giants tonight. Plus, more on the fallout from Jon Gruden's resignation as Las Vegas' head coach.
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    Hour 2: Gruden is untouchable


    The guys preview tonight's game between the Bucs & Eagles. Paul Finebaum joins to tell us why Jon Gruden won't coach again in the NFL or college. Plus, we play Real or Not Real!
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    Hour 1: Kyrie Speaks


    Kyrie Irving took to IG Live to explain his stance on the COVID-19 vaccine. More fallout from Jon Gruden's resignation in Las Vegas...the guys react to Mike Mayock's comments and wonder why Mark Davis won't speak about his former head coach.
  • Keyshawn, JWill & Max podkast

    Hour 4: Who's the MVP?


    Hall of Famer LaDainian Tomlinson joins the show to talk about Justin Herbert, the Chargers defense, and the Jets. Aqib Talib joins to talk about Kyler & the Cardinals and Trevon Diggs. And we play To The Max to try to figure out who the NFL MVP is right now.
  • Keyshawn, JWill & Max podkast

    Hour 3: Number 2


    Is Max a bad parent because he won't buy his kids a dog? The Nets are in a bad spot with Kyrie and his uncertain vaccine status. What's the endgame there with him? Would they be able to trade him if they wanted to? Brian Windhorst joins to give us the latest on Kyrie...and Ben Simmons unexpectedly reporting to Sixers camp. it too soon to

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