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S&P Global Market Intelligence analysts and reporters take a deep dive into issues facing the evolving media landscape. Tune in for interviews with industry insiders and analysts as well as brief outlooks for the TMT sector. If you are interested in learning more about TMT/SPGMI offerings, please visit

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    Episode 22 - Privacy Concerns Grow As Lawmakers Stall On Federal Bill


    While state privacy laws in California, Virginia and Colorado have helped lay the groundwork for a national privacy standard, there is still work to be done on figuring out exactly what an omnibus privacy bill should look like. In this episode of MediaTalk, we talk with two experts -- Alexandra Reeve Givens, president and CEO at the Center for Democracy and Technology, and Sheryl Kingstone, head of customer experience and commerce at 451 Research -- who provide insights on privacy legislation in the U.S., how online companies are storing our data, and growing concerns among consumers about privacy in the wake of the pandemic.
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    Episode 21 - Digital Transformation Reshapes Diversity And Inclusion


    As companies accelerate digital transformation moves in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, many are also driving diversity and inclusion initiatives.
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    Episode 20 - Discovery's Streaming and Advertising Ambitions Amid COVID-19


    Discovery Inc. is gearing up for its upfront, in which media companies look to sell linear and digital schedules to media buyers and their agencies ahead of the upcoming TV season. Ahead of its May 18 virtual presentation to advertisers, S&P Global Market Intelligence recently caught up with Discovery Chief U.S. Advertising Sales Officer Jon Steinlauf to discuss the company's new streaming service, Discovery+, and the ad market amid COVID-19. Steinlauf also addresses the programmer's burgeoning TV Everywhere business and opportunities beyond linear TV's traditional demographics.
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    Episode 19 - Video Game Hardware Availability Amid COVID - 19


    S&P Global Market Intelligence's tech reporter Anser Haider, Kagan Research's Neil Barbour and Panjiva's Chris Rogers discuss the state of video game hardware, including continuing stock shortages for the new consoles released by Microsoft and Sony last year.
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    Episode 18 - CBS Sports' Super Bowl And March Madness Game Plan


    CBS Sports Chairman Sean McManus discusses production difficulties posed by the pandemic, sell-through and pricing levels for the NFL championship game, and the integral role sports will play in driving subscriptions for streaming service Paramount+.
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    Episode 17 - Reporter Roundtable On Pandemic Disruptions In TMT


    S&P Global Market Intelligence reporters from the company’s technology, media and telecom news team review and preview key developments impacting various TMT sectors. Disclaimer: This podcast was taped on December 15. Since then, several developments related to regulatory and legal activities against one or more tech companies have occurred.
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    Episode 16 - Will The Pandemic - Driven Growth In Gaming Continue


    In this episode, we'll focus on the current state of the global video game industry, which is on the cusp of a brand-new generation of hardware, software and services. We'll also talk about the COVID-19 pandemic's impact on the industry, which experienced significant growth as stay-at-home orders saw many consumers turn to gaming.
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    MediaTalk - Episode 15 - Broadcast Revenue Trends: Part 2


    In Part 2 of the episode focusing on broadcasters, we zoom in on the latest broadcast technology as well as trends in retransmission consent, a major part of the broadcasters’ revenue streams. Justin Nielson, a Kagan analyst tracking the broadcast and media industry, and Davis Hebert, a senior high-yield research analyst at Wells Fargo, are in the house again.
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    MediaTalk - Episode 15 - Broadcast Revenue Trends: Part 1


    In Part 1 of this episode, hear from Justin Nielson, an analyst tracking the broadcast and media industries at Kagan, a research unit within S&P Global, and Davis Hebert, a senior high yield research analyst at Wells Fargo, on how broadcast ad sales have suffered during what has been projected to be a banner year for the presidential election cycle.
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    Episode 14 - The State Of Tech Antitrust


    U.S. antitrust enforcement agencies could file lawsuits against big tech companies such as Facebook, Google and Amazon as soon as this summer. A former DOJ antitrust official talks to us about how the summer and fall might bring a movement from "talk to action" on antitrust issues.

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