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Through interviews, stories, and research, Ryan Hanley examines how insurance professionals reach peak performance in life and business. Why subscribe to The Ryan Hanley Show? CURIOSITY. I’m curious about how people get better at the business of insurance. I’m curious about how people find meaning in their life. I’m curious about how people overcome obstacles (most notably the ones they put in front of themselves). I’m curious about life, our planet, aliens, drugs, money, government, and a million other things and over the course of the life of this podcast, we're going to try and examine them all. If you’re curious too, then you're in the right place.

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    RHS 120 - David McFarland on Why Speed, Simplicity & Service Win Small Business Insurance


    In this episode of The Ryan Hanley Show, Ryan Hanley is joined by David McFarland, founder, and CEO of Coterie Insurance, for an all-time conversation about insurance, insurtech and what it takes to win the small business insurance market.  David is one of the smartest guys in commercial insurance and things he and his team are doing at Coterie are rapidly changing the standard for ease of business. Don't miss this episode... Episode Highlights: David explains what an actuary is. (5:20) What are some of the ways David worked within the business to overcome what seems to be a fairly common problem with carriers? (10:38) David explains first-order positive, second-order negative in Coterie. (15:15) David discusses how Coterie manages things in general.. (16:09) David mentions that the most valuable asset of any firm is its people. (19:13) David explains how Coterie gets people to believe in what they do. (21:55) David mentions that Coterie hires on four criteria: integrity, intelligence, passion, and humility. (27:37) David explains what makes Coterie unique. (32:17) David says they aim to create a tech and insurance product that will allow their distribution partners to run in ways they couldn't before. (35:30) David explains third-party data and how Coterie uses it. (42:27) David mentions that they aim to ensure the success of their distribution partner. (49:10) David says they're always seeking new data sources, evaluating its influence on customers, and verifying its accuracy. (51:58) What does David see happening with small company insurance in the coming years? (53:46) Key Quotes: “We create cross-divisional teams to accomplish certain missions. So, if we have a particular objective or key result, we will put together a group of people who are qualified to tackle this thing. And that is their job and they have to work together.” - David McFarland “We hire on four things. Integrity, intelligence, passion, and humility, and humility elevates all the other three. And the one sentence way that we describe it is that we're smart, passionate people who do the right thing, and we're not going to brag about it.” - David McFarland “What we want to deliver is a product, both a tech product and insurance product that's going to enable our distribution partners to run in ways that they just couldn't do before.” - David McFarland Resources Mentioned: David McFarland LinkedIn Coterie Insurance Reach out to Ryan Hanley
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    RHS 119 - Erik Garcia on How to Determine Your End Game


    In this episode of The Ryan Hanley Show, Ryan Hanley is joined by Erik Garcia, CFP®, owner of Garcia Insurance Services and Garcia Financial Group. Ryan & Erik discuss what it means to set goals and actually make those goals a reality. Erik is one of the most thoughtful insurance professionals in the game. You are going to love this episode. Episode Highlights: Ryan and Erik discuss an insurance podcaster chat group. (12:20) Erik shares about his Brainshare experience in September. (14:12) Erik explains why agency owners and employees must be 100% expendable. (20:45 ) Erik adds that as a business owner, his value for his agency is as a visionary and strategist. (23:15) Erik discusses the importance of business owners determining what they are working towards and what their end game is. (26:32) Erik mentions that business owners must be concerned for their staff. (28:46) Erik discusses why business owners should evaluate their role in the business. (31:26) Erik explains why perception is reality. (41:50) Erik explains that as a business owner, he must ensure that his clients are aware of his availability. (43:04) Erik talks about the book Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell. (47:08) Erik discusses building relationships and creating shared experiences with others. (51:53) Erik shares how he met David Carothers and creates a shared experience. (55:06) Erik explains how important it is for business leaders to create experiences with their staff. (1:02:55) Key Quotes: “We make money two ways as business owners, one by doing work earning a wage the same way any staff member would. And the other way is by ownership, we should compensate ourselves in terms of our wages. similarly to what we would pay someone to do the job.” - Erik Garcia, CFP® “We have to be genuine, authentic people. We can't create these false realities for people.” - Erik Garcia, CFP® “If there's someone you want to become a client, look for those opportunities to create shared experiences with them. Don't talk about insurance.” - Erik Garcia, CFP® Resources Mentioned: Erik Garcia, CFP® Garcia Financial Group  Garcia Insurance Services  Plan Wisely Plan Wisely: Agent End Game Reach out to Ryan Hanley
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    RHS 118 - Peter MacDonald on How to Make Commercial Submissions Easy


    In this episode of The Ryan Hanley Show, Ryan Hanley interviews Peter MacDonald, co-founder, and CEO at Wunderite. Peter discusses insurance start-ups, entrepreneurship, and how independent agents can make commercial insurance submissions better. This is an episode you don't want to miss... Episode Highlights: Peter explains what Wunderite is and what they do. (11:59) Peter mentions that Wunderite's goal is to make it simpler for agents to gather the data they need from customers, to make it incredibly easy, and to make it available on any device. (13:25) Peter mentions that Wunderite software is designed with the customer in mind and it allows customers to use the program in their own unique way. (14:57) Peter explains why Wunderite is focused on making their software easier to use than a pen and paper for their customers. (20:53) Peter explains how Wunderite fits into the day-to-day operations of the customer. (23:36) Peter mentions that one of their primary goals for this year is to have acord forms in Wunderite. (27:58) Peter mentioned that Wunderite has carrier supplementals. (29:49) Where does Peter see the potential for big wins in the insurance industry? (32:32) Peter believes that insurance is the original big data industry. (35:23) Peter defines success in his own words. (49:10) Key Quotes: “With Wunderite, what we wanted to do is make an easier way to capture the data that you need from your customers...So you don't have to ask all these annoying questions.” - Peter MacDonald “I've always wanted to build something on my own. I've always wanted to challenge myself to execute on these ideas and that's what I'm doing with my company and it's like the best thing I could possibly be doing is what I have to be doing.” - Peter MacDonald “We're on a journey, we're not perfect, but that's kind of the goal. So it has to be super easy to use the software. That's the only way it's gonna make it easier than, you know, pen and paper.” - Peter MacDonald Resources Mentioned: Peter MacDonald LinkedIn Wunderite Reach out to Ryan Hanley
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    RHS 117 - Wade Eyerly on Creating an Insurance Product Out of Thin Air


    In this episode of The Ryan Hanley Show, Ryan Hanley is joined by Wade Eyerly, founder and CEO of Degree Insurance. Wade discusses how to establish an insurance product where one didn’t previously exist. Wade is a tremendous person, and Ryan and Wade take this conversation in a variety of directions. You don't want to miss this episode... Episode Highlights: Wade explains what led him to Utah. (8:51) Wade discusses the concept of Degree Insurance. (18:40) Wade discusses how he became a missionary. (28:43) Wade explains why he chose Moscow to serve as a missionary volunteer. (31:09) Wade shares the story of how they helped a man they met quit smoking. (33:44) Wade mentions that building genuine friendships rather than trying to network with everyone under the sun gives much greater results. (44:25) Wade believes that trust stems from shared experience, which cannot be rushed. (48:30) Wade believes that insurance is a fantastic industry in which you do not have to be the brightest person on the planet. (57:58) Wade mentions that insurance enhances people's ability to take risks. (59:36) Wade explains that the purpose of Degree Insurance is to remove the risk out of higher education. (59:59) Key Quotes: “If you spend two years walking around trying to help people as your full-time gig, you learn to love those people. You learn to care about them. You learn what's important to you.” - Wade Eyerly “Insurance is such a great don't have to be the smartest person out there. If you can put your nose down and hustle, you can do really well, in any part of the country with traditional products.” - Wade Eyerly “Insurance unlocks other people's ability to take risks and nothing is going to drive the economy faster. build more wealth, do more things than letting people take responsible risks.” - Wade Eyerly Resources Mentioned: Wade Eyerly LinkedIn Degree Insurance Reach out to Ryan Hanley
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    RHS 116 - Raymond Lynch on Why Small Business Insurance Is So Hot Right Now


    In this episode of The Ryan Hanley Show, Ryan Hanley interviews Raymond Lynch, Vice President of Growth at Coterie Insurance. Raymond talks about his transition from Liberty Mutual to Coterie Insurance, and why small business insurance is the place to be. Episode Highlights: Raymond discusses his decision to transition from Liberty Mutual to Coterie. (11:45) Raymond adds that he's back to doing what he loves, which is leading people and helping them achieve their goals. (17:05) Raymond believes that we need to improve our change management skills across the whole value chain. (22:41) Raymond shares what he’s noticed with all the API technology that everyone’s talking about. (28:21) Raymond explains why transparency has to come to insurance. (33:09) Raymond explains where data comes from, how it's used, and how it's helping to improve the process. (41:06) Raymond shares the most important thing they’ve learned through their journey. (49:18) Raymond discusses the aspects of coding that he enjoys the most. (50:49) Raymond explains why one of his favorite things to do is work with new agents. (53:39) Key Quotes: “Why waste hours of your time trying to figure out how to answer these questions when we can make an API call to 5,6,7 different vendors, and pull in a lot of information.” - Raymond Lynch “I think it's easy for experienced industry people to throw shade and be like, ‘Oh, they don't know what they're doing.’ It's true, we might not know what we're doing all the time. But we're pouring a lot of effort with a lot of smart people to improve and try to get better, and to try to do things just a little bit differently.” - Raymond Lynch “Behind the scenes, it may not be the traditional underwriting relationship that you're used to, but know that we have some really strong underwriting minds that are kind of keeping the guardrails in place and making sure that we're writing the right business.” - Raymond Lynch Resources Mentioned: Raymond Lynch LinkedIn Coterie Insurance Reach out to Ryan Hanley
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    RHS 115 - Jonathan Libby on Smart DeFI Insurance


    In this episode of The Ryan Hanley Show, Ryan Hanley is joined by Jonathan Libby, founder of Steady State Finance, the smart Defi insurance company. Listen for an absolute nerd session on all things crypto, blockchain, decentralized finance (DeFi) and what the future holds for insurance. Episode Highlights: Jonathan explains what decentralized finance means. (5:06) Jonathan tells listeners what the role of DeFi will be in the future. (9:00) Jonathan explains how decentralized exchange effects the ecosystem. (13:16) How difficult is it to make changes within the Bitcoin community? (18:30) Jonathan details how to disrupt insurance and implement new concepts. (22:31) Jonathan gives listeners insight on how Steady State Finance operates. (26:46) What’s the process, if a consumer wants to be part of this? (32:49) Jonathan gives an example of what Steady State Finance can offer. (33:45) How did Jonathan get into this space? (36:16) Jonathan walks listeners through how he put several concepts together to build something significant. (38:22) Key Quotes: “I think in cryptocurrency... universal basic income, is for the first time is even actually possible, in a way that you can actually feasibly work, where people can all have a standard of life without sacrificing individual liberties.” - Jonathan Libby “We're almost building a model that prioritizes reinsurance. We move from reinsurance to actually sharing the protocols ourselves as they keep developing. And by us, I mean a deep centralized community, not run by me not run by anyone you know, directly...But, by the people.” - Jonathan Libby “My thought was...let's apply this. I'm like, this is the future. So, I started looking...How do I put together a bunch of concepts together and build something? Eventually, I met a very well known figure in the space, named Tim frost, from Yield app, and Yield app contracted me to build an insurance solution for them, and how to insure their portfolio to defy risk.” - Jonathan Libby Resources Mentioned: Jonathan Libby LinkedIn Steady State Finance Reach out to Ryan Hanley
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    RHS 114 - Daniel Seong on Building a Good Life Out of the Insurance Industry


    In this episode of The Ryan Hanley Show, Ryan Hanley is joined by Daniel Seong, Founder, and President of Great Park Insurance. Daniel stops by the podcast for a conversation on the life you can build through a career. Daniel is one of the all-time people with an all-time story, and what he's been able to do is nothing less than inspirational. It was a great pleasure to have Daniel on the show. Episode Highlights: Daniel shares how they started creating Tiktok videos. (8:35) How does Daniel manage the feedback from their videos? (12:43) Daniel shares how he maintains being consistent and detailed throughout his everyday life. (18:12) Daniel mentions what he would always tell people about winning. (23:36) How does Daniel maintain his focus today, for the next phase of his career life? (25:38) Daniel shares why he’s excited for the second part of his life with Great Park Insurance. (29:39) Daniel mentions how social media has changed the culture of the insurance industry. (49:16) How was Daniel able to trust his employees at Great Park Insurance? (52:42) Ryan shares what the listeners can learn from this podcast. (1:04:02) Key Quotes: “Just me reaching out for that five minutes really does make an impact on them. Not because we're just huge influencers, but because it’s just somebody that went through it, and can share a little bit of insight with them to just let them know...Hey, it's going to get better.” - Daniel Seong “I think leadership and respect from the team doesn't happen overnight. I think there just has to be this consistency and discipline that comes from the leader throughout years and years, and years.” - Daniel Seong “You always have to operate with the end in mind. If that's your goal, then all the work from now to that goal, you should welcome it. You should welcome all the sweat and the work and the hours that go into it.” - Daniel Seong Resources Mentioned: Daniel Seong LinkedIn Great Park Insurance Reach out to Ryan Hanley
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    RHS 113 - Carol Roth on the Government’s Decision to Murder Small Business


    In this episode of The Ryan Hanley Show, Ryan Hanley interviews the veracious Carol Roth, entrepreneur, business television personality, and best-selling author of The War on Small Business. Carol joins the podcast for a tremendous conversation on small business in America. Episode Highlights: Carol explains why small businesses are being undervalued, especially during the pandemic. (7:58) Carol mentions how social media has exacerbated talking about intentions. (11:41) Carol shares her opinion as to why small businesses were murdered. (15:18) Carol explains the things that small business owners can do to be more active. (17:43) Carol mentions her book, called, The War on Small Business. (18:19) Carol shares why she’s fascinated by cryptocurrency. (25:19) Carol gives her opinion on cryptocurrency. (33:04) Carol explains why inflation is the worst-case scenario, in terms of wages and prices. (39:39) Carol shares her background as a free speech advocate. (48:02) What made Carol decide to write a book? (57:24) Key Quotes: “When intentions don't really matter, outcomes matter. So, there are a lot of people with a lot of really great intentions. They have no economic experience, and you end up putting ridiculous things in place to create barriers to economic benefits and wealth creation.” - Carol Roth “Have that patience and that breathing room to say...You know, I understand what this small business owner is going through and I'm gonna support. So, I feel like that's the kind of capitalist side.” - Carol Roth “I'm a free speech advocate, and so, I feel like, as long as you're not saying something that's directly calling for violence or harm against somebody, or doing something illegal, you should be able to say whatever you want.” - Carol Roth Resources Mentioned: Carol Roth LinkedIn Carol Roth Twitter Website- Carol Roth The War on Small Business Reach out to Ryan Hanley
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    RHS 112 - Andrew Ryan & Jack Hertvik on Dominating the Insurance Game


    In this tremendous episode of The Ryan Hanley Show, Ryan Hanley is joined by Andrew Ryan and Jack Hertvik of Hertvik Insurance Group. Andrew and Jack are running a dynamic and growing agency that pushes the boundaries of what it means to be a traditional independent insurance agency, and in turn, dominating the insurance game. Episode Highlights: Jack shares one of the things he loves about working in the insurance industry. (9:27) How did Jack become an SIAA Master Agency? (10:06) Jack mentions one of the fascinating things happening in the industry. (11:34) Andrew shares how technology has changed the insurance industry. (13:16) Andrew mentions one of the huge factors that he and Jack have discussed. (16:42) When did Jack and Andrew decide that using more tech tools was for the benefit of their agency? (24:24) Jack shares the importance of building out your agency’s tech plan slowly. (36:04) Jack gives a few pieces of advice about the insurance industry. (42:36) Andrew tells listeners where he sees the agency five years from now. (51:35) Key Quotes: “If it was as easy as putting it in a box and just saying, hey, do this do that, we'd all be successful insurance agencies. So, watching them figure it out and kind of having that curiosity of figuring out what works for them is the best part of my job.” - Jack Hertvik “You always need to be thinking about how your replacement is going to handle it, not necessarily because you're going to be gone. But, because you might advance or you might have somebody else that needs to do that job. You have to be thinking about that stuff in the future.” - Jack Hertvik “I think that empowerment thing that Jack mentioned, is very important. And I think that's huge, especially in like, smaller agencies it’s probably even more important. Because if you have that embedded in your culture from the beginning, it's just, it's huge.” - Andrew Ryan Resources Mentioned: Andrew Ryan LinkedIn Jack Hertvik LinkedIn Hertvik Insurance Group Reach out to Ryan Hanley
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    RHS 111 - Kat Ternes on the Secret to Insurance CRM Success


    In this episode of The Ryan Hanley Show, Ryan Hanley is joined by Katherine Ternes, Vice President of Revenue at AgencyZoom. Kat joins the podcast to share her unique and dynamic expertise on developing processes and implementing a CRM inside independent insurance agencies. Kat is one of the most interesting people in the insurance industry. Did you know she's a world-class trap shooter? This is an episode you don't want to miss... Episode Highlights: Kat mentions an embarrassingly wonderful part of her being a geriatric millennial. (12:57) Kat shares her interests in competitive sports. (17:59) Kat mentions one of the things she learned that people want to strive toward.(27:37) Kat shares what people can achieve from being resourceful. (32:41) Kat mentions why she’s very proud of her team. (34:48) Kat explains what AgencyZoom is all about. (38:52) Kat discusses why employee enablement is so important. (40:31) Kat explains how to manage your sales processes. (50:18) How does Kat manage to keep track of their goals? (1:03:13) Key Quotes: “There's a matching component to grit that is actually able to be taught and able to be nurtured when you're exhausted. And, that's resourcefulness. Gritty people learn how to build up their resources.” - Katherine Ternes “We've hit all of the goals that the business sets, but, my own personal goals, I either need to lean into the resourcefulness and just say like, it's okay to have a moment of rest. Or, I have to get gritty real quick here. And it's really fun to be at that crux.” - Katherine Ternes “The teams that go and investigate the stuff that gets put on the roadmap and they test it, and they beta use it...those are the ones that make a world of difference. Those are the ones that take technology from being 150 agencies and it's just one person's opinion, and it's some engineers building stuff. You guys are the ones that take it and really build it into what independent agents need.” - Katherine Ternes Resources Mentioned: Katherine Ternes LinkedIn Agency Zoom Reach out to Ryan Hanley

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