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Suz Chadwick

Are you ready to play bigger in your business and brand bolder to stand out in the crowd? If the answer is yes, then this podcast is for you!! Every week we'll share interviews with creative and business professionals who are doing just that. Your host, Suz Chadwick is the founder of The Connection Exchange, a business, brand and speaker coach helping businesses build confidently bold Brands. It's all about play bigger, brand bolder and nail your core message so that you can attract the clients you want and have more fun in your business! If you want more help to build your business then check out our freebies at or the online course Brand Builder's Academy at

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    Advanced Email Marketing Strategies with Yael Keon


    This week on the podcast I'm geeking out with Yael Keon.  Yael is an email marketing consultant with 20 years marketing & strategy experience working in international corporations from high-level strategy right down to day to day marketing administration. With a unique ability to see the big picture and map out practical steps to achieve results, Yael now helps small business owners to navigate their way through the world of email marketing, helping them find the right strategies and methods for their unique business. This is done through The Email Experience membership, group programmes and one on one consulting projects. Now I'm not going to lie - I geeked out over this episode and loved the conversation because I'm always looking to get better with my email marketing.  In this episode we chat about: how to be more strategic with your email marketing segmenting, automating and getting savvy with how you manage your list some great tips on what to write to your subscribers how to know what's working and what isn't and more Enjoy and check out all her details over on the show notes page.
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    184. Becoming Confident, Bold & Profitable


    In this episdoe I dive into how we become more confident, bold & profitable in our businesses. What does it take? I asked my Instagram community what they thought and I share some questions that I get on a regular basis. The truth is that confidence is built in small steps towards the things we want. We look around at people and assume they're so confident but in reality, we're all just working it out as we go. We're all building confidence in the next thing we're going to do - so just know that you're not alone.
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    183. Creating an aligned brand with Bec Hughes


    Today on the podcast I'm chatting with fellow brand lover Bec Hughes. Bec is your brand strategist, design consultant, cheerleader, advocate and blue-sky thinker. And she’s here to help entrepreneurs raise the brand bar in their business so it becomes a catalyst for aligned growth. We're talking about how you can truly align your brand and create something that has a powerful impact on your business.
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    182. Building a Subscription Box Company in a New Niche with Michelle Smith


    In this episode I chat with Michelle Smith, the owner of Aussie Biz Chic, an Australian based, monthly subscription box business for female entrepreneurs. We talk about: Where the idea came through The smart thing Michelle did before launching How she's grown the community How she found the support she needed What do her goals around growth look like
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    6 mindset shifts that helped me uplevel


    This week I wanted to share a number of mindset shifts that helped me get out of my own way, refocus on what's important and do bigger things in my business. These are some of the shifts that I've had that have made a big, tangible difference.
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    180. Aligning your Content & Growth with your values


    Why do you do what you do? Does it feel good or are you on the hamster wheel? Does it align with your values and who you want to be in the world and what you want to do in the world? As you grow your business and you start to increase your revenue, impact and influence that aligning in a bigger way with where you want to be spending time is so important. So today I wanted to share this mini episode on challenging yourself as you grow and to grow
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    179. 4 Activities that will grow your sales online


    This week we're talking about growing the sales in your business. There are a lot of ways to grow your business but at the end of the day, you need to understand how your services, marketing, sales, and client delivery works. There are three stages of business I talk about, and what each stage looks like when it comes to the three areas of focus - Foundations, Growth, Optimisation.
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    178. 5 Ways to keep getting better in your business


    Today on the podcast I'm sharing the 5 ways you can keep getting better in your business. I'm always focusing on how I can get better, hone my skills, simplify and amplify things on an ongoing basis. So here are the 5 things to start focusing on today.
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    177. Overcoming Imposter Syndrome with Christine Corcoran


    In this episode, I chat about overcoming imposter syndrome with Christine Corcoran, a Business Mindset Master Coach, Speaker, Co-Founder of the Rise Up Conference and Creator of The Energetics of Money Program. Christine has an incredible ability to get to the root cause of what’s holding you back, uplevel your money mindset and set you up for success with unstoppable confidence and belief in your ability to succeed.  She loves helping women rediscover their inner magic, overcome mindset blocks and ultimately get out of their own way, so they can flourish in the freedom and impact business they love. 
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    176. Welcoming more Abundance into your life and business


    In today's episode, I'm asking questions to help you bring more abundance into your life and business. I recently work through these myself to help during this lockdown that we're in and try and get my mind in a healthier and happier place. I hope that these questions help you too.

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