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Automate threat response with Azure Sentinel

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Sarah Young joins Scott Hanselman to discuss updates to Azure Sentinel automation and how you can use it to accelerate and streamline threat response for your security operations.

[0:00:00]– Introduction
[0:02:41]– Azure Sentinel automation rules
[0:06:15]– Automating responses with playbooks
[0:09:30]– Playbook templates
[0:12:56]– Wrap-up

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    Deploy OpenAPI enabled Azure Functions with .NET in Visual Studio


    Justin Yoo joins Scott Hanselman to demonstrate an extension he developed for adding OpenAPI capabilities to Azure Functions apps. See how easy it is to get HTTP-triggered .NET functions with OpenAPI support and deploy an Azure Functions app with Azure API Management from Visual Studio.═══════════════Watch the episode to the end and then submit your answers to our five-question quiz about the info Scott and Justin covered. Eligible participants who answer all five questions correctly will be entered into a Sweepstakes with a chance to be one of ten lucky winners to win a box of Microsoft swag! The Azure Friday Quiz Sweepstakes ends on Dec 10, 2021.Take the quiz! Terms and conditions Privacy statement═══════════════[0:00:00]– Intro[0:03:15]– Create[0:09:20]– Publish[0:12:56]– Consume[0:22:48]– Wrap-upCreate serverless APIs in Visual Studio using Azure Functions and API Management integration (preview)Azure Functions OpenAPI ExtensionCreate a free account (Azure)
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    Looking at Azure yesterday, today, and tomorrow with Jason Zander


    Jason Zander, executive vice president of the Azure Team joins Scott Hanselman to celebrate the 8th anniversary of Azure Friday. In this special crossover episode with Hanselminutes, they reflect on Azure's history and Jason's career at Microsoft during that timeframe.[0:00:00]– Introduction[0:01:13]– Jason's history at Microsoft[0:08:25]– Microsoft's evolution[0:10:44]– Cloud before the cloud [0:19:38]– Developers as execs[0:23:03]– Azure today[0:25:25]– Looking forward[0:30:33]– Wrap-upHanselminutes Podcast 63 - Scott Guthrie and Jason Zander on SilverlightNew Team, New Challenges (Jason Zander's blog)Getting Started with Windows Azure, the SDK, and Visual StudioMicrosoft QuantumCreate a free account (Azure)
  • Azure Friday (Audio) - Channel 9 podkast

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    Enable advanced IoT Edge scenarios with ACR connected registry


    Toddy Mladenov and Jeanine Burke join Scott Hanselman to talk about the new IoT Edge scenarios enabled by ACR connected registry, which is an on-premises extension of the Azure Container Registry. See how you can deploy hierarchical IoT Edge infrastructure, pull container images from the connected registry without direct internet access, and use the connected registry in disconnected scenarios.[0:00:00]– Introduction[0:00:37]– Conceptual overview[0:06:25]– Demo setup[0:10:07]– Demo: Create a connected registry[0:13:24]– Demo: Deploy and use a connected registry (parent and child)[0:31:47]– Demo: Offline connection[0:33:28]– Demo: Connected registry synchronization[0:37:55]– Wrap-upWhat is a connected registry?Quickstart: Deploy a connected registry to an IoT Edge deviceTutorial: Deploy a connected registry to a nested IoT Edge hierarchyScheduled Synchronization of Registry Artifacts for Shipping Scenarios Using ACR Connected RegistryCreate a free account (Azure)
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    Datadog integration with Azure offers a seamless configuration experience


    Datadog is a monitoring and analytics platform for large-scale applications. It encompasses infrastructure monitoring, application performance monitoring, log management, and user-experience monitoring. Sreekanth Thirthala from Azure and Ryan MacLean from Datadog join Scott Hanselman to show how Datadog's offering in the Azure Marketplace enables you to manage Datadog in the Azure console as an integrated service.[0:00:00]– Introduction[0:00:51]– Overview of Datadog in Azure[0:04:08]– Demo of Datadog in Azure[0:10:22]– Datadog offering in Azure Marketplace[0:00:00]– Wrap-upNew Datadog integration with Azure offers a seamless configuration experienceWhat is Datadog?Datadog in Azure MarketplaceManage the Datadog resourceCreate a free account (Azure)
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    Govern your data wherever it resides with Azure Purview


    Last December, Gaurav was on Azure Friday with Scott Hanselman to introduce a new Azure service: Azure Purview. He showed how Azure Purview scans and map all your data—no matter where it is. Azure Purview is now generally available, and Gaurav is back to show what's new and what's on the roadmap.[0:00:00]– Introduction[0:00:30]– Azure Purview overview[0:05:40]– Key GA Announcements[0:18:40]– Roadmap[0:19:05]– Wrap-upWhat is Azure Purview?Quickstart: Create an Azure Purview account in the Azure portalIntroduction to Azure Purview learning moduleAzure Purview documentationCreate a free account (Azure)
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    Automate threat response with Azure Sentinel


    Sarah Young joins Scott Hanselman to discuss updates to Azure Sentinel automation and how you can use it to accelerate and streamline threat response for your security operations.[0:00:00]– Introduction[0:02:41]– Azure Sentinel automation rules[0:06:15]– Automating responses with playbooks [0:09:30]– Playbook templates [0:12:56]– Wrap-upAutomate incident handling in Azure Sentinel with automation rulesAutomate threat response with playbooks in Azure SentinelSecurity Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) in Azure SentinelAzure / Azure Sentinel GitHub repoCreate a free account (Azure)
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    Add communications user experiences with Azure Communication Services


    David de Matheu joins Scott Hanselman to show how the Azure Communication Services UI Library enables you to add communications capabilities to your applications with only a couple lines of code plus composable components and turn-key composites. [0:00:00]– Overview[0:00:49]– General concepts[0:05:54]– Azure Communication Services UI Library storybook[0:12:22]– Demo[0:19:43]– Wrap-upAzure Communication ServicesAzure Communication Services UI Library storybookAdd Calling Communications to your Application with Two Lines of CodeAzure Communication Services documentationCreate a free account (Azure)
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    Demystifying Azure Arc-enabled data services


    Lior Kamrat joins Scott Hanselman to show how Azure Arc-enabled data services bring Azure data solutions – such as SQL Managed Instance and PostgreSQL Hyperscale – to your own infrastructure and how to modernize your data layer using Azure services, outside of Azure.[0:00:00]– Introduction[0:01:14]– Overview and architecture[0:04:22]– Demo: Azure Arc-enabled SQL Managed Instance deployment flow[0:14:00]– Demo: Azure Arc-enabled data services operations[0:23:34]– Wrap-upWhat are Azure Arc-enabled data services?Azure Arc JumpstartJumpstart ArcBox - OverviewManage hybrid infrastructure with Azure Arc learning pathCreate a free account (Azure)
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    Azure Cosmos DB: autoscale, session state, monitoring, and more


    Kirill Gavrylyuk, Matias Quaranta, Deborah Chen, and Estefani Arroyo join Scott Hanselman to provide another set of updates for Azure Cosmos DB.  Learn about: using Azure Cosmos DB as a Session State Provider for ASP.NET Core; the latest updates for Azure Cosmos DB free tier; how to optimize cost and performance by scaling the throughput (RU/s) of your database or container automatically and instantly; and the great new monitoring and diagnostic features that make it even easier to monitor and debug your Azure Cosmos DB resources using insights, workbooks and logs.[0:00:00]– Introduction with Kirill Gavrylyuk[0:01:56]– Session state provider with Matias Quaranta[0:10:32]– Free tier with Deborah Chen[0:12:57]– Autoscale with Deborah Chen[0:25:18]– Monitoring and Diagnostics with Estefani Arroyo[0:33:21]– Wrap-upMicrosoft Caching Extension using Azure Cosmos DB (GitHub)Azure Cosmos DB free tierCreate Azure Cosmos containers and databases with autoscale throughputProvision autoscale throughput on database or container in Azure Cosmos DB - SQL APIHow to choose between standard (manual) and autoscale provisioned throughputMonitor Azure Cosmos DB data by using diagnostic settings in AzureMonitor and debug with insights in Azure Cosmos DBWork with NoSQL data in Azure Cosmos DB learning pathCreate a free account (Azure)
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    Enable government missions in the cloud with Azure Government


    Steve Michelotti joins Scott Hanselman to show what's new in Azure Government, which provides a physically separate and network-isolated instance of Azure for U.S. federal, state, and local governments in multiple regions in the United States.  Learn how Azure Government is both the same and different from Azure public cloud.[0:00:00]– Introduction[0:00:38]– What is Azure Government?[0:05:19]– Azure Government in the Azure portal[0:12:27]– Azure Government in a terminal or shell[0:17:21]– Azure Government in developer tools[0:22:35]– Wrap-upAzure for government overviewAzure for U.S. governmentAzure Government docsOptimize government operations with Azure learning pathCreate a free account (Azure)

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