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The Swamp Doubles Down (Ep 1390)

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In this episode, I discuss the unbelievable connections between election fraud investigations and a DOJ official involved in the IRS targeting scandal. I also discuss the coming meltdown in the Democrat Party.  News Picks: Why isn’t Biden being prosecuted for abusing the Logan Act? Biden obstructed the Trump administration. Biden proposed the Logan Act attack.  Here’s the video of Ted Cruz destroying disgraced FBI Deputy Director Andy McCabe. Parler soars to number one in the App Store as people get tired of the Twitter BS. Democrats are panicking over AOC’s dangerous influence over the party. This article from July explains why the appointment of Spygate investigator Kash Patel to the Defense Department is so important. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.

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  • The Dan Bongino Show

    The Video That Shocked America (Ep 1408)


    In this episode, I discuss the stunning video out of Georgia that shocked America. I also discuss the shocking, newly declassified FBI text message that demands an explanation.  News Picks: Coverage of my wide-ranging interview with General Flynn. Georgia Governor finally calls for a full signature audit on ballots. Stunning video out of Georgia emerges that requires an explanation. Sassy IT contract worker lays the smack down at Michigan hearing.  OANN moves to Rumble after YouTube tries to censor them. for USA Today “fact-checkers.”  Remember when the Crowdstrike executive admitted he couldn’t prove the DNC data was exfiltrated? Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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    Exclusive Interview with General Mike Flynn (Ep 1407)


    In this exclusive interview with General Mike Flynn we cover Barack Obama’s bizarre fascination with Gen. Flynn, Gen. Flynn’s battles to fix the intell community, the 2015 CIS dinner where Lokhova was present, and the real reason Jim Comey targeted Flynn. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
  • The Dan Bongino Show

    There IS Evidence of Fraud, But You Have to Open Your Eyes (Ep 1406)


    In this episode, I discuss the stunning new voter fraud allegations emerging out of this key swing state. I also address the Project Veritas CNN bombshell.  News Picks: CNN caught on tape burying the Hunter Biden story.  Stunning new voter fraud allegations emerge out of Nevada. Sidney Powell gets an expedited appeal in Georgia in the Dominion voting machines audit case. Twitter and Fakebook melt down over President Trump’s White House speech. Media rushes to defend Biden staffer over communist hammer and sickle hat.  Wikipedia embarrasses itself again! Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
  • The Dan Bongino Show

    Trump Drops a Bombshell on Big Tech (Ep 1405)


    In this episode, I discuss the bold step President Trump took yesterday to bring the fight to the liberal tech tyrants. I also address the Project Veritas takedown of CNN.  News Picks: Attorney General Barr appoints Durham as Special Counsel. Bill Barr fires back at allegations there was “no election fraud.” Did some backdated ballots disappear? Did Michigan illegally count thousands of ballots? President Trump wants section 230 completely terminated. If Biden wins, you can expect economy-crushing tax hikes.  Of course, the Trump economy was superior to the Obama economy. Yes, Obama wins the gold medal for failure in the economic growth Olympics.  The mechanics behind the termination of terror-state Iran’s nuclear mastermind.  Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
  • The Dan Bongino Show

    The Media Refused to Cover This, So We Will (Ep 1404)


    In this episode, I discuss the dramatic hearing in Arizona yesterday and the intentional media black out. I also discuss another chilling episode where a public figure was caught violating her own edicts.  News Picks: Rand Paul raises serious questions about suspicious data dumps in swing states.  Historically strange spike in incomplete voter files in Nevada raises eyebrows.  Anyone associated with the Steele dossier should be excluded from public service.  LA County supervisor dined at restaurant hours after voting to ban outdoor dining.  Candace Owens challenges Fakebook “fact-checkers” and wins. New York is seriously running stings and fining bars for not serving enough food. Cuban Americans in Florida shift deeper red. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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    Stunning Election Anomalies You Must Hear (Ep 1403)


    In this episode, I discuss a series of astonishing election data abnormalities which will leave you speechless.  News Picks: Reasons why the 2020 election is puzzling. Don’t miss this analysis of the vote dumps in the middle of the night.   Candace Owens wins a huge fight against fake “fact-checkers.” Facebook is dead, it just doesn’t know it yet.  How an elite hit squad ambushed and killed Iran’s top nuclear scientist.  Democrats for Kanye West booted off the Illinois ballot for signature issues.  Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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    The Election Hearing That Blew My Mind (1402)


    In this episode, I discuss the bombshells dropped at the Pennsylvania hearing about the 2020 election. Some of the allegations leveled were stunning in their breadth.  News Picks: Five ways Joe Biden “magically” outperformed election norms.  The Twitter tech tyrants are at it again.  Sidney Powell’s lawsuit makes some stunning accusations. Excellent! Trump rally coming up on Dec 5th in Georgia. Was Trump right about this coronavirus treatment the whole time? Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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    The Bongino Brief - Nov 26, 2020


    There will be no concession until we can determine we've had a free and fair election.
  • The Dan Bongino Show

    The “Bombshell” That Wasn’t (Ep 1401)


    In this episode, I provide hard evidence of the media’s role in promoting a viral hoax.  News Picks: Is President Trump going to pardon Mike Flynn? No, Parler wasn’t “hacked.” This is a BS story being promoted by the liberal media to try and stop Parler. Is Fakebook targeting conservative websites again? School systems are reporting increased rates of failure from virtual learning.  Here is the CDC data on coronavirus infections.  Book publishers employers reportedly crying after news of Jordan Peterson’s new book. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.

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