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The Growing Threat of a Digital Coup by the Tech Tyrants (Ep 1363)

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n this episode, I address the media meltdown over Trump’s recovery from coronavirus. I also discuss the real story behind the explosive new revelations in the Spygate case. They’re all caught. And they know it.  I also discuss the troubling possibility of a digital coup by Big Tech. This is a threat to our Republic. I interview Allum Bokhari about his new book “#DELETED: Big Tech's Battle to Erase the Trump Movement and Steal the Election“ News Picks: Please pick up a copy of my new book about the Obama “fixer” and the deep-state plot to take out Trump. It’s out today! Pick it up here. Washington Post columnist totally melts down as Trump recovers from coronavirus.  President Trump leaves the hospital and some hilarious memes sprout.  Don’t buy the Secret Service stories about Trump. Here’s the real story. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.

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    The Biden Scandal Explodes (Ep 1372)


    In this episode, I discuss the explosive new evidence emerging that the Biden crime family is an active national security threat. I also address the misleading polling data and the early voting data which appear to be good news for the Trump campaign.  News Picks: DNI Ratcliffe debunks the “Russian disinformation” nonsense. Stunning new emails emerge in the Biden crime family case. This may explain why Facebook is eager to make the Biden/Ukraine story go away.  The most disturbing revelation yet in the Hunter Biden scandal. Biden campaign manager admits that they are NOT up by double digits in the polls. Early voting trends in swing states trending in a positive direction for President Trump.  Health data nukes the leftist narrative about Trump rallies.  Twitters censorship model is a disaster. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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    Bonus: The Bongino Brief - Oct 17, 2020


    Something has to be done about the tech tyrants' interference in our election.
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    The Real Reason This Liberal Megadonor is Spending Big (Ep 1371)


    In this episode, I discuss the disastrous moderator attacks on Trump during the townhall and the simultaneous babying of Joe Biden by ABC. I also address the reemergence of George Soros in the 2020 election cycle.  News Picks: George Soros is back! Why didn’t the liberal hacks at Twitter censor these fake news stories? Remarkably, Joe Biden wasn’t asked a single question about his shady family business during the entire townhall last night. Lindsey Graham announces the timeline for the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett.  Savannah Guthrie blasted for atrociously bad townhall performance. The Joe Biden tax plan will be a disaster for the economy. What was George Soros up to in Ukraine? Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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    The Tech Tyrants Crossed a Line (Ep 1370)


    In this episode, I discuss the latest bombshell emails in the Hunter Biden case. If these emails are authenticated then Joe Biden must step out of the presidential race. I address the outrageous speech suppression efforts by the tech tyrants in response. I also play audio of Andrew Cuomo admitting the coronavirus lockdowns are based on “fear.”  News Picks: The Biden crime family story is getting worse.  Did Joe Biden cash in on his son’s shady business?  Big tech interferes in the 2020 election to help Joe Biden.  Twitter desperately tried to cover its butt after the N.Y. Post censorship fiasco. NY Times “reporter” gets caught trying to blame conservatives for liberal calls to violence. Gaps appear in Biden’s schedule when the alleged meeting with the Ukrainian businessman is alleged to have occurred.  The word police are it again! Remember when Obama argued that the Obamacare penalty wasn’t a tax. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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    Explosive New Emails Surface (Ep 1369)


    In this episode, I discuss the explosive new revelations about Joe Biden’s foreign corruption. This will shake and rattle the campaign. I also discuss a shameless assault by The NY Times on the election.  News Picks: Smoking gun emails emerge revealing how Hunter Biden introduced his Ukrainian business partners to his father Why was a company involved with Hunter Biden on an Obama administration conference call?  Senior FBI officials were texting each other about media leaks in the collusion hoax.  Something strange is going on with the unmasking investigation.  Transition Integrity Project founder calls for death of a conservative who exposed their plans.  Some good news for President Trump in the election data.  Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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    Here’s the Key to Fighting Back Against Big Tech (Ep 1368)


    In this episode, I discuss the big tech tyrants doubling down on their wars on free speech. We have an option to fight back, and you must hear about it. I also address the Democrat’s ridiculous arguments in the Amy Coney Barrett hearings.  News Picks: Are the big tech titans breaking campaign finance laws?  Democrats get an unpleasant surprise on the Amy Coney Barrett hearing. Joe Biden’s cognitive decline was on display yesterday. The better Sweden does in battling the coronavirus, the angrier they get.  Tik Tokkers try to sabotage Trump tally and hilariously fail!  The FBI’s own spreadsheet documents the uselessness of the Steele dossier.  The NBA ratings are in a historic collapse. Get woke, go broke.  Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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    The Democrats Push Two Insane Talking Points (Ep 1367)


    In this episode, I discuss the Democrat’s total meltdown over the open Supreme Court seat. I also address the stunning revelation that a member of the Pelosi family has a heavy financial interest in the company involved in the Spygate scandal.  News Picks: Wait, what? A Pelosi has financial ties to Crowdstrike?  Will the country survive if the Democrats pack the Supreme Court? Six things to watch in the Amy Coney Barrett confirmation hearings. Democrats are attacking the Supreme Court because they fear losing power over the rest of us.  The Democrats are insanely arguing that filling an open Supreme Court seat is “Court packing.”  Are the polls all wrong again? A must-read 2017 article about the connections between the Russians and Bill Clinton. About the Obama “fixer.” Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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    I Got A Crazy Call From The NY Times (Ep 1366)


    In this episode, I discuss an insane call I received from a N.Y. Times “reporter” about the Democrat’s calls for a “coup” and a “street fight.” They’re clearly worried that we’re exposing their nonsense. I also address explosive connections that nail these key FBI players to the wall. News Picks: This is a base election now.  The hack media struggles to connect Trump to the Whitmer kidnapping plot.  Another liberal media BS narrative collapses.  The Democrats hate it when you expose their coup attempts.  Has the second debate moderator already disqualified himself?  Twitter locks the account of Ric Grenell after voter fraud warning. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
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    Are The Democrats Planning a Post Election Coup? (Ep 1365)


    In this episode, I discuss Mike Pence’s destruction of the hapless Kamala Harris at the Vice Presidential debate last night. I also address the troubling evidence that influential Democrats are planning a post elections coup if Donald Trump wins.  News Picks: Are the Democrats planning a coup in the event of a Trump election win? President Trump rejects the ridiculous proposal for a virtual debate. Kamala Harris doesn’t want to talk about her extreme agenda. Kamala Harris still refuses to answer a question about packing the Supreme Court. NJ postal worker arrested for throwing out mail in ballots. George Soros is back! An update on my procedure yesterday.  Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.  
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    The Drip, Drip, Turns Into a Gusher (Ep 1364)


    In this episode, I address the explosive new revelations that Obama, Brennan, and the FBI knew about the framing of Donald Trump. I show excerpts from Brennan’s own book which are damning. I also address the debate tonight and why you should ignore conventional wisdom about who will win.  News Picks: My new book is available now and the reviews are terrific. Pick up a copy here: CNN reporter who criticized Trump for taking off his mask, was criticized for taking off her mask.  Mark Levin takes the gloves off and absolutely hammers Facebook. Here’s the real story behind President Trump’s motorcade from the hospital. John Brennan is busted. So is Comey. State Department officials were warned that they were illegally monitoring me, and other conservative personalities. Get woke. Go broke. NBA Finals ratings hit a new low!  Here’s what happens if the Democrat’s push for Washington DC and Puerto Rico statehood materialize. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.

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