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“Joe Biden, Antifa General.”

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The President commemorates July 4th with a racist speech at Mt. Rushmore, the Biden and Trump campaigns focus on the pandemic response, and Senate Republicans weigh distancing themselves from Trump as they fall behind their Democratic challengers in the polls.

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    “Debate me, coward.”


    Tuesday’s primaries lead to Missouri victories for Medicaid expansion and Black Lives Matter activist Cori Bush, the Biden campaign announces the biggest advertising buy in history across 15 states, and the Trump campaign makes debate demands while lowering expectations for Joe Biden. Then Manny Garcia and Cliff Walker, the leaders of the Texas Democratic Party, talk to Dan about what it will take to turn the state blue in 2020. And Ben Rhodes talks to Tommy about his new Crooked Media podcast, Missing America.
  • Pod Save America

    “You’ve got (no) mail.”


    The Trump campaign smashes that reset button, the President tries to undermine the election by attacking mail-in voting and the Postal Service, Republicans refuse to extend unemployment benefits, and Joe Biden gets close to selecting his running mate. Then journalist Kara Swisher talks to Jon Lovett about Trump’s threat to ban TikTok and the tech CEOs who recently testified on Capitol Hill. Subscribe to Missing America: apple.co/missingamerica
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    "Sex Demons and Karaoke with Dan and Alyssa."


    Alyssa Mastromonaco joins Dan to talk about Trump's promotion of more conspiracy theories, jealousy of Dr. Anthony Fauci, inability to help himself politically, and failure to confront Vladimir Putin, even when American lives are at risk. Then, they take your most pressing questions on the VP selection process, the 2020 election, and whether karaoke is actually fun.
  • Pod Save America

    "99 days to the election (with Mehdi Hasan)."


    The Intercept’s Mehdi Hasan joins to discuss the state of the presidential campaign now that we’re less than 100 days out, how COVID reached deep into the White House and forced major changes to Trump’s campaign, the latest with COVID relief in Congress, how Trump’s message went from calling Biden soft on China to member of Antifa, and how the media can learn from the mistakes of 2016. Then Jon F. interviews Mother Jones' Ari Berman about voting during the pandemic. Make sure you're registered, request an absentee ballot, and get involved at votesaveamerica.com/everylastvote.
  • Pod Save America

    “Person, woman, man, camera… podcast.”


    Dan and Tommy talk about the new tone that President Trump is not adopting now that daily White House coronavirus briefings have resumed, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez calling out a culture of misogyny after a Republican accosted her on the steps of the Capitol, the latest on the negotiations over pandemic relief in Congress, and the new plan Joe Biden has proposed to help caregivers and parents.
  • Pod Save America

    “The John Lewis Voting Rights Act.”


    Donald Trump’s 40-minute interview with Fox News’s Chris Wallace is perfection, the Administration is sending unidentified paramilitary troops to crack down on protesters in Portland, and America says goodbye to Congressman John Lewis and CT Vivian, two giants of the Civil Rights Movement. Then Voto Latino’s María Teresa Kumar talks to Tommy about organizing the Latino community ahead of November.
  • Pod Save America

    “Parscale finds something new.”


    Trump replaces his campaign manager as his re-election bid hits a rough patch, Joe Biden rolls out an ambitious new climate plan, and his campaign decides whether to expand the map by competing in states like Texas and Georgia. Then Dr. Abdul El-Sayed talks to Jon about his America Dissected interview with Dr. Anthony Fauci, and his role on the Biden-Sanders health care task force.
  • Pod Save America

    “Cold Stone Schemery.”


    Roger Stone is rewarded for covering up Trump’s corruption with a commuted prison sentence, the White House orchestrates a hit job on Dr. Anthony Fauci for telling the truth about the pandemic, and Congress debates the next round of pandemic relief as the economy stalls. Then Pod Save the People’s Kaya Henderson talks to Jon Lovett about the debate over re-opening schools this fall.
  • Pod Save America

    That's the Ticket Episode 3: The Decision


    On the third, and final, installment of That's the Ticket, Dan and Alyssa talk about what factors a candidate has to consider once they've vetted potential VPs, how the vice presidential announcement process has evolved over time, and finally who they think Biden will pick. Dan also talks to Perry Bacon Jr., a senior writer from FiveThirtyEight, about what polling does and doesn't tell us about the impact of a VP pick.
  • Pod Save America

    “SCOTUS Gives Trump Notice.”


    The Supreme Court rules on Native rights and Trump’s taxes, the President bullies schools to re-open, Joe Biden and progressive Democrats find common ground, and Kanye West flirts with a presidential bid. Oklahoma journalist Rebecca Nagle talks to Jon about the legal victory for tribal nations, and Color of Change’s Rashad Robinson talks to Dan about Facebook’s handling of hate speech and misinformation.

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