Off Air w/ Joe and Orel

Off Air w/ Joe and Orel

Joe Davis & Orel Hershiser

Hear Joe Davis and Orel Hershiser, the TV voices of the Los Angeles Dodgers, take their love of baseball, life and each other into the most casual setting you've heard them yet. In addition to guests from baseball and elsewhere, the guys spend some time with Dodgers manager Dave Roberts each week.

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  • Off Air w/ Joe and Orel



    As part of our official partnership with the Los Angeles Dodgers and, we are moving the podcast to a new feed. Please visit now to re-subscribe in order to get new episodes delivered to you each week. You can access all of our previous episodes over there as well.We'll keep this feed active for a week or so to help with the transition, but all new episodes moving forward will be published to the new feed, including our latest episode dropping this Thursday. So, again, visit to re-subscribe and stay up-to-date with every episode of Off Air with Joe & Orel!

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