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Why for Jazz


Why for Jazz是Y4旗下的一档关于 近现代爵士乐 的音频播客。我们主张爵士不应该只是一种音乐类型,它更为当代都市生活提供了一种可以参考的可能性。我们的口号是:即兴即合理。

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  • Why for Jazz podcast

    John Coltrane | 爵士史上一大步


    Playlist of the show:1. My favorate things2. Woody n' you3. Bye-ya4. Blue in green5. Giant steps6. Acknowledgement7. The Father, The Son and The Holy Ghost8. In a sentimental mood
  • Why for Jazz podcast

    动漫 | 坂道上的阿波罗


    Play list of the show:1. Kids on the Slop2. Someday My Prince Will Come (Bill Evans)3. But Not for Me4. Lullaby of Birdland (手茑葵)5. You Don't Know What Love Is (Chet Baker)6. Now's the Time (Charlie Parker)7. These Foolish Things (Bob Dylan)8. In a Sentimental Mood (Duke Ellington & John Coltrane)9. My Favorate Things & Moanin'
  • Why for Jazz podcast

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  • Why for Jazz podcast

    George Freeman | 直到你出现


    Play list of the show:1. Deep Purple2. Vonski (ft. Chico Freeman)3. Boogie Woogie Joe (ft. Joe Morris)4. There's a Small Hotel (ft. Charlie Parker)5. My Scenery6. Bush Dance (ft. Johnny Griffin)7. At Long Last Love (ft. Kurt Elling)  8. Till There Was You  
  • Why for Jazz podcast

    George Benson | 爵士边界开拓者


    Play list of the show:1. Affirmation2. Easy Living3. Paraphernalia 4. Breezin5. Breezin ft. Al Jarreau6. This Masquerade7. Six Play8. Moody's Mood
  • Why for Jazz podcast

    具岛直子 | City Pop 的朦胧之音


    Playlist of the Show:1. I Love You2. Candy3. So High, So High4. 十二月的街5. Melody6. 台风の夜7. No, No, No8. まどろみ
  • Why for Jazz podcast

    Joey Alexander | 来自巴厘岛的钢琴神童


    Play list of the show:1. The Very Thought of You2. Warna3. Sonrisa4. Giant Steps5. Joey Alexander fiat. Wynton Marsalis Sextet6. Ma Blues7. Pannonica8. Bali
  • Why for Jazz podcast

    Chris Botti | 颜值最高的小号手


    Playlist of the Show:1. Irresistible Bliss2. Evocations (Michael Brecker)3. My Funny Valentine (Sting)4. Light the Stars5. Italia (Andrea Bocelli)6. Cinama Paradiso (Yo-Yo Ma)7. Emmanuel (Lucia Micarelli)
  • Why for Jazz podcast

    Liane Carroll | 英国国宝爵士烟嗓


    Play List of the Show:1. Seaside2. You Don't Know Me3. Say a Little Prayer4. My Funny Valentine5. Eleanor Rigby6. Dublin Morning7. My Baby Just Cares for Me8. The Briar and the Rose
  • Why for Jazz podcast

    海野雅威 | 用音乐为他做点什么


    Play List of the Show:1. What Kind of Fool Am I - Yoshio Suzuki Trio2. Whisper Not - Tadataka Unno3. Pistachio - Jimmy Cobb Trio4. Remember U - Jimmy Cobb Trio5. From the Top of My Head - Roy Hargrove Quintet6. Jazz Live - feat Hikari Ichihara7. What a Wonderful World - Tadataka Unno
  • Why for Jazz podcast

    披头士 | Beatles Played in Jazz


    Play List of the Show:1. The Fool on the Hill - Brazilian Tropical Orchestra2. And I Love Her - André Ceccarelli Trio3. Hey Jude - Ella Fitzgerald4. A Day in Life - Grant Green5. Eleanor Rigby - Wes Montgomery6. Yesterday - Lee Morgan7. Hello Goodbye - Bud Shank & Chet Baker8. Norwegian Wood - Herbie Hancock9. Can't Buy Me Love - Stanley Turrentine10. Love Me Do - Blues Beatles

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