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The Teens In AI Podcast

Teens In AI Podcast

A podcast made by teens, for teens, talking to some of the biggest names in tech and exploring the world of AI & Ethics from the perspective of a young adult

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  • The Teens In AI Podcast podcast

    AI Agony Aunts! How to win a hackathon, with the #GirlsinAI2021 winning team!


    What is the key to coming up with a hackathon winning idea? How can you best prepare a powerful, passionate pitch? What happens next after you win a Teens in AI international hackathon? In this episode of AI Agony Aunts, we put these questions and more to team 'Hear-Me', the winners of #GirlsinAI2021 France, and of the international demo day. They won an incredibly competitive global hackathon with over 100 teams and projects all aiming to use AI for social good. Tune in to find out their advice to future participants, and to discover more about what is like to take part in a hackathon! Find out more about future Teens in AI events here Follow us on instagram Follow us on twitter
  • The Teens In AI Podcast podcast

    AI and Emotional Intelligence: the power of purpose, resilience, and leadership, with iDiscover360


    Where do Artificial Intelligence and Emotional Intelligence intersect? How can resilience help you to thrive in a career in tech, and throughout life? Why is it important to work to understand your purpose? What does it mean to be a leader? These are all questions that participants of Teens in AI's Summer Accelerator will be exploring this year, with the help of iDiscover360, a school of thought for human development and purposeful living. In today's episode, Ben Depraz-Brenninkmeijer, partner at iDiscover360, provides us with a fascinating insight into the importance of exploring leadership, resilience, purpose, and fear in today's world, and how EI is vital to safely developing AI. We hope you enjoy Ep.18!  Learn more about iDiscover360  Learn more about Teens in AI's programmes  We are also looking to expand our Teens in AI Podcast Team! If you would like to get involved in presenting, editing, or marketing the podcast, head to our twitter/instagram @teensinaipod to find out more.   
  • The Teens In AI Podcast podcast

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  • The Teens In AI Podcast podcast

    AI and Duolingo: investigating learning and linguistics, with Erin Gustafson


    Over 500 million people around the world have now used language learning platform Duolingo since it launched in 2012, and AI and gamification play a vital role in keeping learners coming back for more. In today’s episode, we're speaking with Erin Gustafson, Lead Data Scientist at Duolingo, to discuss how these tools are deployed across the app, and Duolingo’s passion for making learning linguistics accessible for all. We also discuss the rapid growth they have experienced since starting out as a small tech startup, the future of linguistics as translation technologies continue to develop, and the importance of being able to order coffee wherever you may be in the world! We hope you enjoy episode 15!  Discover more about Duolingo’s Research Start learning a language with Duolingo  We are also looking to expand our Teens in AI Podcast Team! If you would like to get involved in presenting, editing, or marketing the podcast, head to our twitter/instagram @teensinaipod to find out more.
  • The Teens In AI Podcast podcast

    AI Agony Aunts! How to run a successful Coding/STEM Club


    Would you like to start a STEAM or Coding Club? Perhaps you'd like to take your club to the next level? Are you perhaps a little daunted by the idea of launching a club yourself? You have come to the right place - welcome to our new series, AI Agony Aunts! In our first episode, we give you the ultimate run down on how to start a successful club, covering topics such as creating proposals, staying organised, promoting your club, and of course, keeping it fun for everyone involved! Your AI Agony Aunts Claire and Kate have made many mistakes whilst running clubs themselves so that you don't have to! Do get in touch with us @teensinaipod if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions for future episodes of this series, or if you would like to tell us about your experience of running a STEM club - we would absolutely love to hear from you.  Links to Competitions you can get involved in Teens in AI Hackathons MathWorks Google Science Fair Girls Go CyberStart Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @teensinaipod
  • The Teens In AI Podcast podcast

    AI and Wolfram Research: The Future of Maths Education, with Conrad Wolfram


    Are maths lessons teaching the skills needed for today’s world? Why is it vital to embrace multiparadigm data science? How can Computational Thinking serve as a problem solving power tool for our society? In this episode, we’re speaking to Conrad Wolfram, author of The Maths Fix and European CEO of Wolfram Research, about the scale and scope of their work, and his view that our current education system is failing to prepare problem solvers for the AI age. Please find further resources below - if you haven’t used Wolfram Alpha before, do take a look, we promise it will transform the way you research and work forever! We hope you enjoy Episode 15.  Further Resources  Understanding Computational Thinking  The Outcomes of Computational Thinking Curriculums  Conrad’s Blog on the failures of the 2020 A-level Algorithm  Wolfram Alpha The Maths Fix
  • The Teens In AI Podcast podcast

    AI and Cybersecurity: exploring the virtual battle between hackers and consumers, with Abhishek Iyer


    Have you been a victim of cybercrimes? Have you received any phishing emails in the past year? If so, you are not the only one. In 2020, 241,342 complaints on phishing and related attacks were reported to the IC3. This number increased by around 110% from the previous year. So how can we maintain safe communication and data storage as hacking techniques become ever more advanced? In Ep. 14, Abhishek Iyer, Head of Product Marketing at Armorblox, explains how natural language understanding can be used to prevent targeted email attacks. He also speaks with us about life in a startup, and why he recommends it to all those starting out in their career journeys.  To learn more about cybersecurity, here are some great resources: Will Smith Was Wrong About The Robots: Findings from the FBI Internet Crime Report: Allen NLP website: NLP vs NLU vs NLG: Also, be sure to follow Abhishek’s blog on video game design:
  • The Teens In AI Podcast podcast

    AI and Banking: the future of finance, with Claire Calmejane


    The rise of Fintech has accelerated dramatically in the past 5 years, leading to rapid change and innovation in the banking sector in a way never seen before. In this episode, Claire Calmejane, Chief Innovation Officer at Societe Generale, talks about how banks can use AI to improve customer experience, financial literacy, and cater to all generations – changing the landscape for all. With this in mind, there have been huge developments in banking services, resulting in new structures such as Neobanks, who are changing the way we think, invest, and deposit our money.  We hope you enjoy Ep.13! Let us know about your thoughts and opinions on adjusting to a purely online banking system on instagram and twitter @teensinaipod
  • The Teens In AI Podcast podcast

    AI and Mastercard: the future of fintech and the fight against fraud, with Rohit Chauhan and Laura Quevedo


    How can AI help us to fight fraud? Is AI the next electricity? Did you know the pandemic accelerated the worldwide shift to e-commerce by 5 years? Today we’re speaking with two leading figures in AI at Mastercard, Rohit Chauhan, Executive VP of AI and Laura Quevedo, Executive VP. From algorithms which enable payments and prevent fraud, to ones which identify skills gaps in HR, to those which partially automate customer support, AI is being used to save time and improve efficiency across the entire company. In this episode we speak about this strategy, and about how AI is being embedded throughout the world.  Thank you to Mastercard for supporting our Girls in AI 2021 Hackathon. We hope you enjoy Ep.12! 
  • The Teens In AI Podcast podcast

    AI and Storytelling: combining data science and DNA, with Dr Ahna Girshick


    What is the relationship between AI and humans? How can we use data science to explore our family history? How can data science allow us to collaborate with musicians and artists we’ll never meet? Today we’re speaking with Dr Ahna Girshick about her previous job at Ancestry, and her lifelong passion for combining STEM with humanities and the arts to tell stories. We hope you enjoy Ep.11!
  • The Teens In AI Podcast podcast

    AI and ML at IQVIA: Exploring patient data privacy and utility, with Dr Rachel Li


    How can data help us diagnose rare diseases?  How do we standardise healthcare data from across the world? What is the future of the digital hospital? For today’s episode, we spoke to  Dr Rachel Li, who is a Machine Learning Engineer at Privacy Analytics, an IQVIA Company who provide data anonymisation services and software for organisations in the healthcare industry. We discuss her experiences as a female computer scientist, and the future of data in healthcare, exploring how it can revolutionise both medical research, and patient experience. We hope you enjoy Ep.10!

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