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I combine my 15 years of PDR experience with my 5 years of personal development, mindset training, and coaching into a podcast specifically for the PDR industry. I believe we need to focus on the greatest tool we have - our mind

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  • The PDR Coach podcast

    Value The Service you Provide and THEN others will


    This podcast was prompted because of a question a customer asked me. Don't say this to your customers and then expect them to value your service
  • The PDR Coach podcast

    Adding Services to your PDR Business - The Option I chose


    Today I have Ryan from RestorFX on the podcast. RestorFX has been at the last few MTEs and are making significant advances in the auto recondition space. specifically with "PCR" also know as paintless clear coat repair.  We discuss the history of the company, what the RestorFX process is, what other options they have besides the clear coat repair, and the option they have for you if you want to use this product There's been a lot of talking throughout the PDR industry about adding services to your PDR business. This is an option you can choose to add to your business. full disclosure - this is the option we chose to add to our PDR business in Sacramento, CA
  • The PDR Coach podcast

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  • The PDR Coach podcast

    Overcoming Adversity in Life


    Today I talk about what the last week of my life has looked like. Maybe there some lessons in there for you. I know there is. Quick Episode!
  • The PDR Coach podcast

    Are you a PDR Tech that needs help with social media? Click Here


    Today I have Jack Bucknell on the podcast. He has a solution to help you with the social media in your business. From teaching you how to do it yourself to doing it all for you! Give it a listen
  • The PDR Coach podcast

    Zan Vidic on dent competitions, mindset, and how to continue to grow


    Loved this episode with Zan. We cover everything! Not just dent competitions. SO much great info in here
  • The PDR Coach podcast

    Lead with your heart, not with your head.. with Hudson Tansey


    This episode was an absolute blast to record. I believe it is my longest episode to date and we could have gone way longer. We talk all about business, god, self awareness, overcoming a tough past, how to grow your business against established techs, Hudsons involvement in RWPDR and so much more! Must listen episode
  • The PDR Coach podcast

    Follow your Passion, Find Your Passion or is that all BS?


    Today I talk about passion. Where my passion came from and how to find yours.
  • The PDR Coach podcast

    State of the Industry The Way I See It


    Today I ramble on about the state of the PDR industry, the car market, politics, and putting yourself out there to make a difference in your own world
  • The PDR Coach podcast

    Is Ding King a Training Mill?


    Today Todd Sudeck and James Ramirez (the owner and lead tech of Ding King respectively) come on the podcast and answer that question. Is Ding King good for our industry? What's their training like? are they a training mill? do they sell shitty tools? We discuss it all.
  • The PDR Coach podcast

    From Applebees Bartender to PDR Shop Owner!


    Success stories inspire me and I hope they do the same for you. You get to hear a PDR success story with TONS of actionaly nuggets mixed in that you can use to grow your own business. Such a good episode with Michael Glidewell

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