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103: Raechel's Eyes: The Story of an Alien-Human Hybrid with Sam Fredrickson

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CW: Domestic Violence, Childhood Sexual Assault In 1994 Jean Bilodeaux, a field investigator for MUFON in California, received a phone call form a woman. The voice on the other end of the phone said, “May I talk to you? I saw a UFO.” The woman, given the pseudonym Callie initially called to talk about her own UFO sighting, but soon she began to discuss a young woman named Raechel, her daughter's roommate in college. What ensued was a decade long investigation to learn the truth about an alien-human hybrid who tried to blend in and become human.  The account was later published in a book entitled Raechel's Eyes: The Strange but True Case of a Human-Alien Hybrid under Callie's real name, Helen Littrell, and along with Jean Bilodeaux, the two presented an exhaustive investigation into Helen's memories, and evidence that Helen's daughter, Marisa, may have had a roommate that was an alien-human hybrid. On this episode I'm joined by Sam Fredrickson of the Not Alone Podcast to discuss this fascinating and emotional story.  Theme song: "Ufo" by Floats, available on Soundcloud, iTunes and Spotify Logo designed by Megan Lagerberg T-Shirt Designs by The Great Desdymona Check out my links here Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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