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In this fourth episode of the companion podcast to HBO Max’s The Murders At White House Farm, host Lauren Bright Pacheco again talks with Carol Ann Lee -- author of the highly-researched book upon which the series is based -- this time, to discuss the many missteps taken by the police in the way they handled the investigation of the murders. Carol explains how, as the investigation continued under the guidance of DCI Taff Jones, he refused to consider the possibility that what happened was anything other than a straightforward case of murder-suicide. Carol explains how Taff Jones' steadfast belief that Sheila Caffell had killed her parents and twin sons before turning the gun on herself, had shaped the way the entire investigation was conducted, leading to the repeated breach of police protocol. She also discusses how the equally stubborn mindset of DS Stan Jones -- and his doubts about the likelihood of that initial murder-suicide narrative -- ultimately helped alter the course of the police investigation.

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