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#37: CEO & Co-Founder of DeepSync Labs, Paul Turner, Shares How To Leverage Data to Optimize Your Paid Advertising

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On this episode of The Marketing Water Cooler Podcast, Jeremy interviews Paul Turner, the co-founder of DeepSync Labs. DeepSync is an advertising and marketing services company that helps businesses to find relevant audiences for their social media campaigns through finetuned data analysis.

Jeremy and Paul discuss how the changing communication landscape has impacted the sales and marketing game, and Paul underlines how quality data illuminates the state of the marketplace and where marketing dollars can have the greatest impact. Paul also breaks down what third-party cookies and third-party data are and what the future of data collection might look like, all of which are topics that are often misunderstood by executive-level decision-makers.

Paul then lifts the lid off DeepSync to explain why he started the company and the logic behind it all, from the easy user interface to DeepSync’s focus on the trustworthiness of the data collected and sold through their software. He also highlights why Facebook’s standard settings for advertising campaigns are great for some companies but miss the mark in many cases, especially in the B2B market.

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[0:48] Jeremy introduces special guest Paul Turner

[1:31] How Jeremy met Paul

[4:04] Paul’s marketing background and how that led to him founding DeepSync Labs

[7:10] How working for Google and Yahoo shaped Paul’s view of marketing and advertising

[9:02] The struggle of building intuitive advertising software

[12:51] What the shifting communications landscape means for collecting relevant marketing data

[15:45] Data collection and customer privacy in an ever-evolving landscape

[17:34] Growing a business costs money, which means increasing prices

[20:00] Starting an advertising campaign with zero information about your target audience

[21:07] You have to keep active in new channels and you have to keep testing

[22:55] What “enough data” looks like when you’re making marketing decisions

[27:58] Do C-suite members really understand data and data usage?

[30:25] A marketing campaign is a recipe

[32:41] A lesson on third-party cookies and third-party data from Paul

[36:16] Learning by doing: Starting out a low-cost advertising campaign to learn from the results

[39:27] The decision that Facebook made that prompted Paul to launch DeepSync

[42:20] Paul’s take on trustworthiness in data collection

[45:04] Facebook’s advertising campaign recommendations aren’t suitable for many companies

[47:26] What B2B can learn from B2C marketing

[50:10] The buying process has changed, so you need to rethink how you spend your marketing budget

[52:16] Where to go to find out more about DeepSync Labs and the new developments coming up on DeepSync in the summer 2022


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