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#34: The Role Revenue Operations Plays In Effective Growth

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On this episode of The Marketing Water Cooler Podcast, Jeremy interviews Sebastien van Heyningen, the president of Central Metric, a consultancy firm offering quality, targeted insights into revenue operations. 

Sebastien is an NYU graduate with years of experience in sales roles which led him to advocate passionately that revenue operations is an executive function. He helps companies to align their executive board with the ground-level sales force, to make sure that strategic decisions made at the top are relevant to the sales representatives who interact with the customers. 

Jeremy and Sebastien explore the evolving world of sales and marketing software, and dive into some of the common mistakes that companies make when investing in their tech stack. Sebastien shares his thoughts on what the role of technology should be in the sales process, and how companies can streamline their sales funnel by mapping out the actual customer journey from end to end. Later on, Jeremy and Sebastien discuss the evolution in the relationship between sales and marketing, and why a collaborative relationship between the two departments can lead to better sales numbers. 

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[1:01] Jeremy introduces Sebastian

[2:42] Sebastian walks through his journey from NYU to Central Metric

[7:23] Revenue operations as an executive function

[9:40] But what do you need your marketing software to accomplish?

[11:54] The right way and the wrong way to think about a sales process

[16:38] The role that tech plays in sales and how to build a consistent sales process

[19:04] Think about sales from the buyer’s point of view

[20:51] A common misconception that derails sales campaigns

[23:20] You have to provide value, regardless of whether a potential client ever buys your product

[26:12] The evolving relationship between the sales and marketing departments

[28:57] What’s the dark funnel, and how can you overcome it?

[30:26] Marketing no longer works for sales

[32:04] The hand on the stove moment that freezes up a whole company

[33:19] What’s the role of efficiency in a sales pipeline?

[35:31] Where to go to find out more about Sebastien


Strategic Branding Studios website

Strategic Branding Studios on LinkedIn

Strategic Branding Studios on YouTube

Sebastien van Heyningen on LinkedIn

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