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#33: Learn About Your Target Audience From Your Target Audience

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On this episode of The Marketing Water Cooler Podcast, Jeremy dives in and shares practical, useful questions that you can ask your clients to elicit insights about their buying journey. As he notes, many departments within your organization may have contact with your customers, but as each department has a different objective, none of them are trying to find out who your customers are and why they buy from you. That’s where your marketing should be. 

Jeremy outlines three strategies that you can deploy to gather more details about your customers, and then lists the questions you should ask your customers if you have a chance to meet with them. Going beyond the standard survey of “How did you hear about us?” Jeremy poses questions that will help you to drill down on the how, when, and why in the customer journey, yielding invaluable information about how your

customers tick. 

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[0:35] Today’s topic: Learning about your buyer, from your buyer

[0:58] Who in your organization is talking to your customers?

[1:45] What are these departments trying to accomplish?

[2:58] What to ask when you’re trying to build a good marketing strategy

[4:05] Strategy #1: Shadowing sales calls

[5:35] Strategy #2: Setting up a round table

[6:24] Strategy #3: Joining a group

[9:07] The questions to ask your customers to elicit actual, value feedback

[11:15] Drilling down on the buying timeline

[12:20] Where do your clients get their information and research from?

[13:58] The one question that you should ask each of your customers

[15:51] Ask the questions that help you to visualize the progress

[17:40] You have outbound information flow, but don’t neglect the inbound


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