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#31: The 2022 State of the B2B Communication Landscape

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Welcome back to The Marketing Water Cooler Podcast! In this first episode of
season two, your host Jeremy and producer Steph walk you through the state of
communication in the current B2B landscape, starting with the wider context. Jeremy
takes you back to the very beginnings of web marketing in the 1980s, underlining how
developments in the Internet have shifted the way that consumers buy products and
services. And, as Jeremy states, “That shift is everything.”

Listen in to find out what the role of a marketing department should be, and the updates
you need to make to your marketing strategy so that you’re speaking to your ideal
clients where they’re at today.

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statistics, trends, philosophies, and special guests.

[0:18] What The Marketing Water Cooler Podcast is all about
[0:50] Today’s topic: The state of communication in the B2B landscape, and how that
impacts your clients
[1:51] Let’s get back to basics: What’s the context?
[3:08] The shift from Web 1 to Web 2
[4:17] The creation of digital communities in the early noughties
[5:50] So let’s look at the data
[7:40] “That shift is everything”
[10:27] The way buyers are buying is changing
[12:34] So how should you market your company today?
[14:20] Steph’s question: How have buying groups changed?
[15:40] New members at the C-suite level
[16:48] What’s your philosophy of marketing?
[18:22] The customer buying process is no longer a journey
[19:45] Why marketing matters

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