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#30: Grateful for the Little Things

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On this last episode of the season, and the last in the Thanksgiving miniseries, Jeremy and Steph play the gratitude game and tell you to look for the little things in each of your team members that make them great. Marketing is about making your business stand out from the crowd, and you can achieve this by showcasing the unique qualities of your team in your marketing messaging. You can begin to pinpoint these qualities by taking a personality audit of the company and seeing who shines through. 

Focusing on the people in your team can also have a positive effect on your employee engagement and retention, as by encouraging your team to be themselves and display their talents, you’re allowing them to take ownership of the company marketing strategy.

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[0:18] Today’s Thanksgiving-themed topic: Gratitude for the little things

[1:25] Taking a personality audit of your team 

[2:28] Standing out is powerful 

[3:05] Leaning into what makes your team unique and special 

[3:45] Steph’s take: Look out for people’s individual qualities 

[4:50] People are more than their expertise

[5:00] You have to go out of your way to find these qualities 

[6:06] Your employees will be more dedicated to you if you look at them as a whole person 

[6:33] Start the conversation and build the culture

[7:12] Broadcast what makes you amazing 


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