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#29: Making Digital Deposits

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On this second episode of the Thanksgiving-themed miniseries, Jeremy and Steph discuss the importance of making a deposit in your online community. If you’re not growing the digital side of your business, even if your business isn’t digital first, the fact is that you’re not growing your business in the long term. So take a moment to think how you can invest in your online community and bring real value to the table

Jeremy gives advice on what making a digital deposit actually looks like, and how you can schedule your posts to make your online contributions a more sustainable strategy. Listen out as well to Steph’s advice if you’re worried that your online contributions don’t feel genuine, as she lays out some ways that you can showcase your offline personality online and how to identify content that will land well with your community. 

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[0:16] Today’s Thanksgiving-themed topic: Bringing value to the table by making digital deposits 

[0:42] Social media is more than just a promotional tool 

[1:03] But what are digital deposits?  

[2:00] You need to give back to your online community

[2:59] What making a digital deposit can look like 

[3:39] Your ability to give back to the community can make the difference 

[4:03] The link between digital deposits and your hourly rate 

[4:43] You can contribute online, just like in real life 

[6:00] Steph’s take: How to make your contribution seem genuine 

[6:50] Scheduling posts isn’t a press release 

[7:23] Adopt your offline personality online 

[7:40] The importance of being consistent 

[8:10] This strategy works for anyone who’s getting paid for their advice 

[8:55] You’re either digital, or you’re not

[9:25] Add value and make the other people at your table happy


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