The Budget Is No podcast

The Budget Is No

Elizabeth George & Katie Thompson

Katie and Elizabeth are in the business of connecting people. We want to dive deeper into how other industries, organizations and individuals connect with people resulting in a lasting, meaningful experience. We talk about coming up with ways to do this when there's limited resources...and the budget is no.

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  • The Budget Is No podcast

    Grab Bag of Things 2.0


    A few episodes ago, we brought in cool marketing and activation ideas to discuss, threw them in a jar and selected them at random to discuss. We posted part one but wanted to share part two! _Keep in mind: This episode was recorded pre-corona but some of the ideas are still good at their core and can be used when thinking about connecting with your audience. _
  • The Budget Is No podcast

    Tik Tok Takes


    What is Tik Tok? Elizabeth and Katie breakdown the social media app and talk about possible ways to use the app to explore content and branding outside traditional marketing.
  • The Budget Is No podcast

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  • The Budget Is No podcast



    During these uncertain times and when social distancing is all we can talk about Elizabeth and Katie talk about ways that companies, brands and event organizers are coming together to do good for their communities. This episode will focus on postive stories and #TradeshowTriumphs happening all over the world.
  • The Budget Is No podcast

    Grab Bag of Things


    To quote Katie, this episode's topics "run the gamut." Katie and Elizabeth discuss marketing and activation ideas selected at random from a jar in-studio to briefly review the what and how of these quirky brand experiences. These topics prove you can get inspiration and ideas from pretty much anywhere.
  • The Budget Is No podcast

    Taylor Swift 2.0


    Yes... it's that time. Katie and Elizabeth talk about Taylor Swift again and the release of her new album, Lover. While they warn their non-Taylor Swift fans to maybe skip this episode, there are some good takeaways for the non-Swifties!
  • The Budget Is No podcast

    Memorable Event & Educational Experiences


    What do you remember most from the last event you attended? We bet it was memorable to one of your senses. Elizabeth and Katie talk about designing event and educational experiences to make the most impact.
  • The Budget Is No podcast



    Elizabeth and Katie discuss how a trip to Australia led to an interesting find on how to use chatbots and the three different versions to fit within your budget.
  • The Budget Is No podcast

    Content Curation


    Elizabeth and Katie talk about curating content through crowd sourcing and delivering it in interactive ways.
  • The Budget Is No podcast

    Minisode: Instagram Stories


    Katie and Elizabeth both spend way too much time on the internet and talking about all the cool stuff they see out in the wild. So they have decided to "minisodes" where they will talk about all these cool things to give you ideas on how you can connect with your audience at your next event! First up... Instagram Stories! Find more information, visit us at or follow us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter
  • The Budget Is No podcast

    Watches, Hotels and Detroit


    Watches, Hotels and Detroit... find out what all three have in common and how this American-made story can inspire your brand even when The Budget Is No.

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