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A podcast about Young Adult fiction and coming-of-age stories.

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    Close Reads: Paper Towns


    This week, it’s just Emily! We’re trying something new this week that we’re calling Close Reads. And Emily is talking about one of her favorite books, but not in an effort to get you to read it. We’re getting a bit more personal with this series, opening up about why our favorite books mean so much to us, how our conception of them has changed over the years, and of course, the vast power of stories.
  • Shelf-Involved Podcast podcast

    What Ifs


    This week we’re talking about what ifs in YA — sliding doors, alternate timelines, the flip of a coin, we want it all. And the books we talk about do really interesting things with this beloved trope
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    Horror Pt. 2


    Way back in season 3 we gave you a list of our favorite spooky YA books, and now we have a whole new set of recommendations to get you in the spirit of spooky season. We love these books and even if you're not a horror fan, there are a few lightly-spooky, not too intense options on the list. And one that we both absolutely had to stop reading late at night and made us never want to go camping again. 
  • Shelf-Involved Podcast podcast



    This week we're talking about grudges and the way this is used as a satisfying (and redemptive) plot device in YA. 
  • Shelf-Involved Podcast podcast

    Study Abroad Books


    This week we’re talking about teens abroad! We’re looking at studying abroad and the interesting fish out of water trope combined with being a teen in decidedly adult situations. How thrilling! We also talk about the delightful ways in which this subgenre has developed and become more grounded in recent years.
  • Shelf-Involved Podcast podcast

    We're Back!


    We’re back for season 5 (what? how?). And we’re here, of course, with a list of all the books we read over the break that we’ve been dying to talk to you all about.
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    Summer Reading


    It's our last episode of season 4! But before we go on break and read things other than YA (but let's be honest, still lots of YA), we're here to give you a whole list of books to keep you busy this summer. You know how much we love a seasonal read.  
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    Catching Up: Weetzie Bat


    This week, we’re catching up again and reading Francesca Lia Block’s cult classic, Weetzie Bat. This book was a wild ride, and some things we loved and others we weren’t too thrilled about.
  • Shelf-Involved Podcast podcast

    Purity Culture


    This week we’re talking about purity culture in YA and barely concealing our rage about how this culture, specifically in the Christian church, harms young people, especially girls and queer kids. It’s bad! We have a lot of thoughts, and we get into a little bit why this is such a personal issue for us. As always, we have some great thought-provoking books to share with you.
  • Shelf-Involved Podcast podcast

    Shakespeare Adaptations


    This week we're talking about our favorite Shakespeare retellings in YA. These are stories that have retold for hundreds of years, but our favorites are (unsurprisingly) the ones that put a spin on the narrative and place the marginalized or ignored characters center stage (get it, because Shakespeare was a playwright? I'm so sorry). We love the Bard, but also he wasn't great and it's good for us to admit that.

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