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Welcome to SBI TV, a show sponsored by SBI, the growth advisory for innovative companies seeking proven experience for real results in sales and marketing. SBI TV features engaging interviews with top sales and marketing leaders in the industry. You can watch a new episode of SBI TV each week to learn proven strategies and insights growth leaders use to rise through the ranks. Together we break down sales and marketing strategies into easily understood concepts. Subscribe today to keep up with the latest and greatest in sales and marketing growth strategies that work.

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    Uncovering the Secret to Clean Data


    CEOs must make rapid, critical business decisions while being increasingly inundated with data, trends, and conflicting information. In this age of information overload, how can you make sound judgments for your organization without the threat of falling behind? On today's show, we are joined by Frank Cespedes, Senior Lecturer at Harvard Business School, recurring contributor to Harvard Business Review, and author of Sales Management That Works: How to Sell in a World that Never Stops Changing. Frank discusses key insights from his book and ultimately how leaders can separate fact from hype.
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    How CEOs Maximize Value Creation


    On today’s show, serial entrepreneur Jeron Paul, Cofounder and CEO of Spiff, explains how he started, grew, and exited 3 successful ventures. Jeron and SBI’s CEO, Matt Sharrers, talk about the elements needed to drive a growth culture, including a Revenue Growth Office that generates a universal fact base executive team leaders can use to make unified decisions, as well as tools that create visibility, connectivity, and improved employee experience.
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  • SBI Podcast podcast

    How a $3B Software Company's Forward-Thinking Strategy Accelerated Them Through the Downturn


    Organizations have had to drastically reimagine their revenue model since last year to accommodate the new era of digital. However, some companies anticipated this shift much earlier in advance and were able to adapt and scale quicker than their competitors. Autodesk is among those whose strategy pre-pandemic allowed them to weather 2020 unscathed. On today’s show, Steve Blum, Autodesk CRO and EVP Worldwide Field Operations, joins us to discuss topics that are top of mind for commercial leaders navigating the second half of 2021, including: Revenue Model Shifts Pre and Post-Pandemic Talent Requirements For a Frictionless Customer Experience
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    How Leading Finance Executives Drive Transformative Growth


    SBI recently held its first Chief Financial Officer Growth Forum to bring together like-minded finance executives to discuss common challenges and share best practices with their peers. These growth-focused CFOs gathered in an intimate virtual setting to discuss the following topics: The Ascent From CFO to CEO The Digital Selling Landscape Driving Accountability Through Visibility And More On today’s show, Jim Ettamarna, SBI Managing Director, joins John Staples, SBI Senior Partner, to share key learnings from the meeting.
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    3 Keys to an Unmatched Account Segmentation Strategy


    A good account segmentation will keep the lights on, but a great segmentation is how market leaders surpass their competition. How does yours compare? On today's show, we are joined by Malorie Feidner, Senior Consultant at SBI, to discuss what it takes to achieve best-in-class account segmentation. Malorie shares the 3 key items every sales leader should prioritize, as well as the most common mistakes organizations make.
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    Advisory Board Learnings From Growth-Minded Commercial Leaders


    SBI recently held it’s Spring Growth Advisory Board meeting where less than a dozen market-leading Presidents and Chief Commercial Officers gathered to discuss the most pressing challenges in today’s environment. During the afternoon, the attendees shared best practices on the following topics: The Ascent to Chief Executive Officer The Evolution of Commercial Effectiveness The Workplace of the Future On today’s show, Scott Gruher, Senior Partner and Revenue Practice Lead, shares key insights from the meeting that executives can begin implementing immediately.
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    CEO Advisory Board Insights to Navigate the Second Half


    SBI recently held its Spring CEO Advisory Meeting to connect with less than a dozen market leaders on current challenges and to share best practices. This influential peer group share key insights into the following topics: Organizational Clarity Around Customer Experience The CEO’s Role in Determining the Go-to-Market Model Talent to Drive the GTM Model at Scale On today’s show, Scott Gruher, Senior Partner and Revenue Practice Lead, joins us to discuss these items and share takeaways from the meeting.
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    The CEO's Guide to Navigating Commercial Complexity


    Being a CEO during a large Go-to-Market transformation is difficult, and with multiple acquisitions, this adds further complexity, such as: High Customer Acquisition Costs Low Employee Morale Inaccurate Fact Base And more On today’s show, Steve Smith, CEO of Zayo, joins us to discuss how he navigated these challenges during his first few months in his role and shares how harnessing the power of listening and an efficient cadence has brought unity and clarity to his team.
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    What Every CEO Should Know About Their Data and Why They Should Care


    CEOs often get lost in data while trying to decide what's working, if there is too much, or if it's even correct. But even great data is moot if not activated properly across commercial functions. On today's show, Mike Dickerson, CEO of ClickDimensions, joins us to discuss how CEOs should be thinking about their data and the processes that go with it. By owning the data, CEOs will not only have clearer visibility into the complete operation but also a unified fact base to run an unmatched commercial strategy.
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    Building, Retaining, and Developing a Modern Salesforce


    To say your salesforce is changing is an understatement. Not only have there been shifts in adapting to a new virtual world, but your teams also need the time and attention dedicated to reaching their full potential now more than ever before. As a sales leader, how can you create a culture for your teams to thrive? On today’s show, Roquita Williams, Head of Sales Effectiveness and DEI Partnerships at Habits at Work, joins SBI Consultant and Diversity Ambassador Jenny Sung to discuss the modern salesforce. Roquita shares impactful insights into what it means to be a sales leader in today’s world and how to create an inclusive and empathetic culture.

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