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Ep. 31 - Special episode: Your burning career questions are answered!

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This week, we bring you a special episode that is ONE BIG CAREER COLUMN. A roundup of career Q&A from previous episodes is brought together all into one, all answered by Career Coach Darci herself. 

Questions covered by Darci include:

  • How to communicate job hopping on resume
  • How to resolve conflicts at work
  • Explaining freelance jobs on resume
  • Is it wise to change jobs in this current market?
  • What to do if you received an offer but are still in the interview process with a different company you like more?
  • What’s a good question to ask a prospective employer during the interview?
  • How to network without feeling like you’re using people
  • How to get past feeling like your voice is not important at work
  • Should you present yourself as older than you are in an interview?
  • How to look more confident in interviews (especially if you get anxious)
  • What advice do you have for career switchers? 
  • Should you try to get regular check-ins with your supervisor if you only get one yearly check-in/review?
  • How to tell if the recruiter you’re working with has your best interest in mind

Tune in next week as we bring back more interviews from Darci!

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