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A bi-weekly podcast about products and design from a unique perspective! Your hosts are Chris Liu and Jonathan Shariat. Each episode, we discuss important design principles and connect it to our own experience working in the field. As designers passionate about our field, we hope it will be interesting and informative, along with entertaining! So join us here for every show!

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    Episode 64 - Designing Peace of Mind


    This week's episode is sponsored by Webflow! Visit and use promo code "designreview" to get 10% off on annual plans for any new account! This week Chris and Jon talk about peace of mind, and how important it is to design things that give users peace of mind. Tune in to get some things to think about and ideas on how to approach this important topic! --- Send in a voice message:
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    Episode 63 - Writing Design Documentation


    This week's episode is sponsored by Webflow! Visit and use promo code "designreview" for 10% off on an annual plan for new accounts! Jon and Chris talk about the importance of documentation for your design projects, and ways to approach the sometimes-arduous task of writing documentation. This is really important to help your projects succeed so tune in to this episode!
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    Episode 62 - Ethical Design and Principles


    This week Chris and Jon discuss how to use principles in your work to be more ethical. There are many good reasons to bring ethical practices into your work, and leading a project with principles is a great way to get things started. Listen in to learn how to be a more ethical designer!
  • Design Review podcast

    Episode 61 - Fear vs Productivity for Designers


    This week, Jon and Chris talk about productivity and the fear. A designer’s work is creative which is inherently ambiguous and difficult. Design work can always benefit from more time to explore, research, polish, etc. This leaves the designer to contend with how much time to spend on each step, how good is good enough, and staying on task as they battle the fear. But fear not :). Jon and Chris have some ideas for what we can all do about this. So listen in and get productive!
  • Design Review podcast

    Episode 60 - The Importance of Research


    Jon and Chris are back with an all new show, discussing the importance of research in product development. There are many things you can do to help you do better work, and research is one of them. So stay tuned, you'll love this episode!
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    Episode 59 - Concluding the Design Process


    At long last, episode 59 is here! This week, Chris and Jon conclude the discussion series on what makes a great design process. We talk about some of the issues that impact the "How", the part after you figure out what the design should entail. Stick around for part 3 of this series!
  • Design Review podcast

    Episode 58 - You've defined the problem. Now what?!


    This week, Chris and Jon continue their series on defining an effective design process. Once you've figured out the problem, what should you do next? There are so many things that can happen (and usually do!) and Chris and Jon give their insights on what to focus on next. Stay tuned to part 2 of this series!
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    Episode 57 - Defining our Design Process


    This week, Chris and Jon talk about defining an effective process. Let's face it. Defining a useful process is hard! There's so many questions about what to do first. And worst of all, it's really easy to start jumping in and making mockups. Stay tuned to this episode to hear about why that may not be the best idea!
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    Episode 56 - The 10th Anniversary of the iPhone


    This week, Jon and Chris talk about the recent keynote from Apple. The show starts with a quick product review of all the different product announcements made by Tim Cook & co. Then in the second half, they get into a discussion about what's happened with Apple over the past 10 years, and why they may no longer be the center of innovation in the post-Jobs era. Stay tuned for a different kind of Design Review episode!
  • Design Review podcast

    Episode 55 - How to Succeed at Interviews


    This week, Jon and Chris answer a listener email about how to handle job interviews. Both Chris and Jon give practical tips and information from their experiences as interviewees AND hiring managers! Stay tuned for an informative episode!

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