Blockchain Use Cases - ART - Philippe Gellman of Arteïa

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In the first of our use case series we sit down with Phillippe Gellman of Arteïa describe themselves as 'the ultimate cataloguing software to manage your art collection'. It was very interesting to learn about how 'old money meets new' and how Arteïa is trying to convince artists and institutions to join the platform. We talked a bit about: - The issue of forgery within art and how blockchain combats this - The economic advantages of Arteïa versus traditional art galleries and service providers - Some of the difficulties of using ERC-20 tokens with regards to speculative behavior and maintaining liquidity More on: Website of Arteïa : Website of the ICO : Telegram link : Twitter link : FOLLOW US ON TWITTER: @CRISTOONCRYPTO WHERE TO LISTEN: iTunes: Spotify: YouTube: SoundCloud:

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