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Derek Sivers, The Reluctant Entrepreneur

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Derek Sivers was an accidental business founder. All he wanted to do was put his music online and sell it online before the dotcom bubble when PayPal did not exist yet.

During one four-year period, his revenues jumped from $1 to $20 million while his staff count surged from 8 to 85. He eventually sold CD Baby for $22 million in 2008.

Derek tells his founder's story in the book, Anything You Like. Since it's a book I recommend to every CFO, I invited Hannah Munro, the host of the CFO 4.0 podcast, to unpack this story full of ups and downs for this fascinating business founder.

If you like books similar to Shoe Dog and Derek's, we list our top ten titles in this unique leadership genre. You can revisit that list here: Books Similar to Anything You Like and Shoe Dog.

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