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The future of AR and community

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For our final episode before we break for holiday, Lianne and Dan take a look ahead to the future. From hackathons to conferences, we chat about the best ways to network and build community. While also talking about what the future of AR looks like, and who are some creators to watch. 

Questions or suggestions? Reach out to our hosts Lianne and Dan at @Itsliannebaron and @danmollervfx on Instagram. 

Host bios: 

Dan collaborates with creators, businesses and educators to help them innovate through Augmented Reality on Meta platforms. With a background in academia, high-end visual effects and real time production, he also works closely with the Meta Spark software team to accelerate and expand opportunity across the AR ecosystem.

Lianne is passionate about supporting and encouraging AR creators to reach their greatest potential. As an AR creator and digital artist, she remains connected to the immersive arts industry with keen interest in creative storytelling through emerging tech. As part of the AR Partnerships team at Meta, Lianne works tirelessly to amplify the voices of creators and help them push the boundaries of AR by connecting them to product teams, education opportunities and innovative projects.

Guest Mentions:
Kenichiro Takamatsu @kenxxxooo
Yarin Lidor @yarinlidor
Matthew Chen @mattespray
Oleksii Surnin
Mike Sedow

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