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Building better client relationships

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Building trust and rapport with your clients takes time, energy and consistency. We’re exploring both sides of the client/consultant relationship in today’s episode with guests Vanessa Bakewell, Meta’s Global Client partner of Entertainment, and Boon Jun Aw, Creator and Co-founder of the AR consultancy Go WAAAA.

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Guest bios:

Vanessa Bakewell is the Global Client Partner of entertainment for Meta, and has led commercial partnerships with record labels, film and gaming studios, and music retailers. She founded The Wed Network - Women in Entertainment and Digital - a supportive network of 2K women in arts and entertainment. And she has a huge passion for music, film, education and community — bringing all those things together where she can for good. @vanessasbakewell

Boon Jun Aw is the Co-Founder of GOWAAA, a metaverse startup based in Singapore specializing in creating awe-inspiring AR experiences on social media and web browsers to make everyone go waaa. As a member of the Spark AR Partner Network, Boon and his team have created more than 300 unique immersive experiences globally for clients such as Meta, Disney, Netflix, Samsung and United Nations. @gowaaaofficial

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