TONI STORMS OFF (Wrestling Soup 12/30/21)

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- WWE Has Literally Never Taken COVID Seriously. Ever.
- Toni Storm Quits WWE: Who Will Wear A Backwards Hat?
- NXT Poo.Oh My God This Sucks
- Hook Is The New Ultimate Warrior
- Dan Lambert is a little too on the nose.
- Brandi Doesn't Understand How Martial Arts Belts Work.
- Deathmatch Wrestling: An Uncomfortable Conversation
- CM Punk Becoming Redundant Already.
- The Art Of Simply Reading The Room.
- Sometimes, Entertainment Is About Moving On.

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    7 MINUTE BABYFACE PROMO (Wrestling Soup 1/20/22)


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    DAWN QUI PUNCH`or BIG DADDY CLAYMORE (Wrestling Soup 1/6/22)


    - EVERYONE KNEW that WWE was going to keep releasing staff- WWE is NOT for everyone, it hasn't been for a long time.- The chicken or the egg, is the creative team the reason for what happens across the board?- The vicious cycle of fan outrage and business - Potential AEW conflict between FITE TV and TBS/TNT app? - The CM Punk failure - Brock Lesnar is a happy guy- Injuries, so many injuries this week- WWE merch vs wrestler merch - Big Daddy Claymore - Asking the hard question: "Would WWE fire Triple H from "staff"? - The McMahnsion up for sale was fake
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    DAMAGE CONTROL (Wrestling Soup 1/5/22)


    - Mish returns from a possible bout with COVID-19- The passing of Betty White and a Texas professor tries to drag Madden through the mud- Rick Steiner joins Bronn after his NXT Championship win - Scott Steiner debunks rumors over use of the family name- Ciampa solidifies himself as a company guy- Alexa Bliss coming back. More puppet shenanigans? - Brock Lesner new champ, new man- Heyman vs MVP- The evolution of Omos and AJ Styles - Tony Khan accused of racism because of stupid comments made on social media- What you should never say as the owner of an organization - Toni Storm leaves WWE and speculation runs rampant - Kross and Scarlett have a great interview on Renee young's podcast- Jade Cargill next AEW Women's Champion? - Praise for the structural changes to the women's division in AEW - Bronn Breaker, the blue chipper we've hoped for? - AEW finally on TBS
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    DAY ONE POST SHOW (Wrestling Soup 1/1/21)


    - Joe Numbas runs down WWE's "DAY 1" event.

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